IGZ at the s.Oliver Family Day 2016


In Rottendorf near Würzburg, the internationally renowned fashion label s.Oliver operates one of its largest distribution centres. An ideal location then to invite all of the employees' family members to get to know the Frankish company and its working processes up close at the Family Day on 16 November 2016. Even IGZ got in on the action and was able to present itself as a partner to s.Oliver. The interest particularly focused on the gesture-controlled commissioning "Pick-by-Motion" using SAP EWM that was demonstrated by IGZ, which of course was available for numerous visitors to try out at the commissioning workspace specially constructed for this purpose.

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New construction: BMW invests 50 million euros in Spandau logistics

13.10.2015 | Berlin-Spandau

Munich-based BMW AG made the first cut of the spade for a new logistics centre for its motorbike production at the Berlin site. In total, more than 100 million euros will be invested in the Berlin Spandau factory in the coming years. Already in 2012 BMW extended its factory area in Spandau through the purchase of about 40,000 square metres from a neighbouring property. The new, partly automated logistics centre will now be built there. The new logistics centre is planned to start up in 2017. 40-metre high bay warehouse In total it will comprise an area of 35,000 square metres on two levels. A 40-metre high bay warehouse will also be constructed with 32,000 spaces. The new construction will, according to Müller, be connected directly to production with tugger trains. As a result, as BMW le

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New construction: Trumpf invests in spare parts logistics with IGZ as SAP EWM general contractor:

17.11.2015 | Ditzingen

35 million euro building should start operation at the start of 2017. With more than 30,000 materials in storage and more than 1,000 daily shipments, the current central storage in Ditzingen is the mainstay of the global logistics network of Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG. The customer already receives the majority of shipments the next morning. To maximize the availability of spare parts and at the same time minimise the cycle times, the plant will not be redesigned completely. The new logistics centre, with an area of 13,000 square metres and 18 metres high is build directly beside the A 81 motorway. 35 million euros have been invested. Automatic and manual The new warehouse control should take the mobility of the range into consideration so that rush orders are given priority. Through a mixture o

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Pick by Motion used by Krones in Neutraubling

08.12.2015 | Neutraubling

The Krones spare parts centre sends out 4500 products a day. The logistics specialists have clever solutions ready. Prize question for journalists: “Who ensures that you can take yoghurt from the fridge in the morning”, asks Christian Loipeldinger. This could be one of many things, but as a logistics specialist with body and soul, Loipeldinger of course primarily means his profession. At Krones in Neutraubling, the head logistician of the Lifecycle Service Centre (LSC), which has been operating for two years, is not responsible for yoghurt, however. He is responsible for ensuring that in-house technicians as well as customers around the world are supplied with replacement parts - within 24 hours if possible. Loipeldinger, who has an extended title of Head of Intralogistics and Producti

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SAP EWM general contract IGZ at the LogiMAT 2016

01.02.2016 | Stuttgart

Using the motto "SAP, SPS and mechanics - everything from the same source” SAP EWM general contractor IGZ from Falkenberg presents its comprehensive range of services for SAP EWM complete integration of intralogistics facilities and systems at the LogiMAT 2016. In doing so, IGZ covers all phases of a project - from SAP strategy consulting to non-proprietary planning, project development, SAP software implementation and installation of the mechanics, up to complete start-up as well as follow-up support. This integral GU service package is targeted at building clients and plant operators which rely on a higher SAP integration.

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SAP is now managing the most advanced fashion distribution centre in Europe

20/10/2009 | Metzingen

In May 2009, HUGO BOSS AG opened its brand-new logistics centre for hanging garment distribution in Metzingen. To ensure an optimum integration of logistics processes into the existing SAP infrastructure, HUGO BOSS is also using the SAP software suite for management and control throughout its new hanging items distribution centre. A sophisticated logistics model meets the SAP industry solution AFS.The five storeys of this highly-automated hanging garment warehouse (HGW) offer 110,000 sqm of total floor area and are host to a wide diversity of processes. An example: Using the shape, colour and style of the items of clothing, SAP uses the thickness of each garment to dynamically calculate the composition of the transportation units handled within the distribution centre. These are mapped out

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IGZ – Professional service is more than just a "Hotline"

04.03.2011 | Falkenberg

Logistics software must deliver top performance and, in many industries, very often around the clock. Continuous delivery readiness and a constant supply to/transfer from production are critical to business success. This requires that the deployed applications be available at all times.After successfully completing a SAP SCE implementation, many companies therefore find themselves facing the following questions: How can we ensure the maximum availability of our logistics software?Can we provide support with our own IT unit – or is external support required? With SAP projects, responsibility for project-specific settings and enhancements to the SAP software suite is typically transferred to the customer following project completion (via an in-house Competence Centre for supporting the SAP

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SAP TALKMAN integration

04/05/2010 | Falkenberg

Timed to coincide with LogiMAT 2010, Vocollect, global market leader in voice solutions for mobile personnel, has just launched a certified procedure with which TALKMAN products can be equipped with a standardised interface to SAP LES SAP Logistics Executions System) and SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management). SAP Logistics integrators IGZ Logistics + IT GmbH, Special Expertise Partner for Supply Chain Execution from SAP AG, is one of a handful of partners around the world now piloting the beta of "VoiceDirect ERP for use with SAP" and thus contributing to product improvements. IGZ was chosen due to its wealth of experience with the direct integration of Vocollect Voice with SAP applications."IGZ has been interfacing Vocollect Voice with SAP for a number of years and is the expert for

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SAP MII/ME – SAP Manufacturing Execution Partner Certification

20.09.2011 | Falkenberg

Walldorf-based SAP Germany GmbH & Co. KG has included the SAP Logistics Project House IGZ Logistics + IT from Falkenberg (Oberpfalz, Bavaria) as a member of its Collaborative Business Initiative (CBI) for Manufacturing Execution. SAP has thereby confirmed IGZ's expertise in the SAP Manufacturing Execution applications. IGZ offers a full-service solution based on SAP Manufacturing Execution, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) plus Plant Connectivity, featuring powerful tools integrated into the SAP solution platform for the management, optimisation and increased efficiency of production systems using the SAP software suite."The participation of IGZ Logistics + IT in the Collaborative Business Initiative means we can strengthen our Manufacturing business with a dedicate

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09/03/2012 | Falkenberg

As part of its "SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTION INITIATIVE", SAP will offer full integration of storage and transportation processes in the future. In particular, the tried-and-tested SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) modules will form an integrated unit in the next 9.0 release.During this era of internationalisation and the globalisation of transportation routes, and taking into consideration the ever-increasing costs of global shipping, an intelligent task management system using SAP can contribute to significant cost savings. There is also a need to keep an eye on cutting CO² emissions and maintaining an ecological balance by avoiding routes that are unnecessary.With the SAP TM (SAP Transport Management) software suite and its tight integrati

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