Test automation digital manufacturing

Fully automated test of MES production processes and user interfaces

IGZ Best Practice Automated Rapid Validation for test automation for SAP MES is a highly effective test tool and the ideal complement to other IGZ test tools, especially machine emulation. All processes, including their workstations / user interfaces and mobile terminals (i.e. right down to the worker level), are realistically mapped and can be continuously and automatically checked and tested.

This saves test personnel and reduces the preparation effort to a minimum. The "Test Center" functional area also serves as a cockpit for monitoring and controlling the processes and functions to be tested. This constantly improves the quality of the software, while at the same time reducing costs by saving on test personnel and preparation work.

Automated Rapid Validation – Functions

  • Simple start of automatic test runs
  • Simple import and loading of test cases
  • Mass processing of production orders
  • Monitoring test progress
  • Adjustable test run cycle frequency
  • Automatic logging of faulty test cases
  • Evaluations with online KPIs
  • Generation of test report, e.g. as a comparison of several test runs

  • Multilingual capability
  • Simple and intuitive operation (appealing "look & feel")
  • Consideration of all relevant physical system parameters and technical device performance
  • Repeated use of test data from last test run
  • Comparison of last test results with current test
  • Cross-module test SAP EWM integrated with SAP MES


  • Automated inspection of production processes incl. workstations / radio data transmission terminals
  • Savings in test personnel and preparation work
  • Automated regression tests, e.g. for SAP release upgrades, DB changes, etc.
  • Highest system availability - higher test throughput in the same amount of time
  • Validation of system performance through automated, repeated mass tests
  • Virtual commissioning


Emulation of production includes:

  • Physical plant
  • Stationary dialogs
  • Mobile dialogs

Production machines:

  • Milling, punching, injection molding,...
Logistics integration:
  • Conveyor technology

Emulation of stationary/mobile dialogs using:

  • SAP DM / ME / MII / UI5 dialogs
  • Test scripts frontend (UI5, JAVASCRIPT, …)

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