Graphical gate/slot management

Graphical gate assignment and time slot management – everything at a glance

For the smooth processing of loading and unloading, it is very important for logistics companies that there are no traffic jams with long waiting times at the yard. Failure to schedule incoming trucks to available loading and unloading gates in good time can result in long handling processes, causing disruptions to logistics processes in incoming goods and shipping, as well as standing costs.



Extended Gate Management

With IGZ Best Practice Extended Gate Management, graphically supported gate and time slot management can be carried out directly in SAP TM. The transports planned / pending in SAP TM can be assigned to the available loading and unloading gates and the free time slots in a clear graphic using drag & drop.

This ensures optimum capacity utilization and significantly reduces waiting times. Logistics employees are able to manage all gates and available time slots directly in SAP TM at a glance, taking into account the volume in the yard. If, for example, the loading process at a gate is shortened, the gate management system can be flexibly adjusted using drag & drop and the vacated gate can be assigned to a waiting transport service provider.

It is also possible to digitally inform the carrier of the scheduling before the truck arrives and to call the truck from its parking space to the assigned gate, e.g. via SMS. Extended Gate Management thus offers users a flexible and simple control option for trucks in the yard directly in SAP TM.

This brings advantages for both the shipper and your freight forwarders. The shipper achieves optimum throughput at its available gates, while the transport service provider is able to reduce annoying and expensive waiting times. In addition, unannounced deliveries and collections can be responded to quickly and easily.




  • SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) from version 1909
  • Integration directly into the SAP TM standard
  • Display as Gant chart
  • Drag & drop technology
  • Integration in SAP TM Transportation Cockpit



  • Minimization of waiting times through flexible gate control
  • Avoidance of demurrage charges
  • Intuitive operation - changes simply by drag & drop
  • Higher throughput during loading and unloading
  • No additional modules required for door management

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