3D walk-in logistics planning

Concept verification with configurable view points through
digital mapping of the planned logistics center

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of logistics planning - our digital representation of your future logistics center offers you a virtual tour of the logistics facility as well as the opportunity to test the functions at your workstations directly and realistically.

With Virtual Logistics Design, you have the opportunity to experience our realistic 3D planning and carry out real-time optimizations at the workstations in conjunction with SAP EWM.

Virtual Logistics Design

Virtual Logistics Design is based on 'classic', static logistics planning (3D CAD) and makes the planning virtually 'walkable'. This allows you to experience your planned logistics facility live with a minimum of hardware. In addition to a virtual tour in our digital structure, a variety of additional functions await you at our "work points". This allows you to check the feasibility of your planned work processes in a realistic manner and carry out "real" activities (e.g. order picking). Individualization is also possible with regard to picked items, dialogues, colour schemes and much more.

Furthermore, digital "test setups" of planned logistics workstations ensure ergonomic designs at a very early stage for the decisions to be made regarding workstation equipment. Parameterized models allow adjustments to be made in real time with regard to ergonomics and accessibility. The visualization also actively supports change management processes during their implementation.


  • Predefined viewing positions (viewing angle)
  • Flexible zoom options
  • Test logistics processes directly at workstations
  • Intuitive execution of realistic logistics tasks (e.g. order picking)
  • Individualization (colour scheme, dialogues, articles, etc.)
  • Real-time adjustment of the workstation layout using parameters
  • Video recording possible


  • Flexibility thanks to lean technology (VR glasses with USB connection)
  • Location-independent use ('warehouse can also be accessed on the move')
  • Integration of the latest logistics innovations within the planning project (e.g. pick by motion)
  • Real-time optimization through various settings
  • Early verification of physical workstations
  • Checking workstation design for ergonomics
  • Early employee training possible without physical set-up
  • Important contribution to safeguarding investment decisions

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