Automated guided vehicles

Intelligent supply/disposal of workstations with autonomous robots directly controlled with SAP EWM

Autonomous Moving Robots (AMRs) in logistics and production are used to automatically transport various goods and materials from A to B within a warehouse or production facility. AMRs are becoming increasingly intelligent, flexible and safe and are therefore becoming more and more important. Added to this is the ongoing shortage of personnel and skilled workers as well as constantly increasing customer requirements in terms of delivery times and adherence to delivery dates.

There are now a wide range of models and variants of transport robots from various suppliers on the market. Each of these providers controls their transport robots with their own software. In order to control these, additional middleware is usually required that communicates with the transport robot. Due to the large number of these different providers, technical interfaces are increasing, which leads to confusing and inefficient conditions within the warehouse.

Move by Robots

Our IGZ Best Practice Move by Robots choreographs all transports in a warehouse in real time, including in conjunction with existing conveyor lines and building technology (high-speed doors, elevators, fire doors, etc.). AMRs from various manufacturers are controlled directly from SAP EWM, eliminating the need for middleware.

The unique SAP-based software platform intervenes more deeply than other systems in the control of all resources and each individual vehicle and achieves maximum efficiency thanks to integrated AI. Manufacturer-specific interfaces or the standardized VDA 5050 interface are used.

The bundling of all information in SAP EWM enables perfect control of all transportation by AMRs, manually operated industrial trucks and conveyor technology. This results in an ideal overview of the entire fleet for the warehouse control center. The control center always has an overview of all vehicles and resources and can intervene efficiently and comprehensively if necessary.

Use of artificial intelligence

Route finding

Recognition of patterns in the event of obstacles or similar on existing routes at specific times

Energy saving

The vehicle speed is adapted to the power requirement based on the permanent evaluation of the system status.

Demand-oriented power adjustment

Integrated deep learning permanently analyzes and predicts system states. By precisely controlling the individual vehicles, the best performance is achieved in the warehouse and congestion situations are avoided.

Visualization warehouse control station

The IGZ Best Practice Smart Logistics Cockpit (SLC) provides an overview of the entire plant and order status as well as all the necessary KPIs.

With the SLC, you can see the status of your entire system at a glance.
All vehicles, including all associated data, are even visualized in 3D.

You can:

  • Detect and rectify faults at an early stage
  • Intervene in events at any time
  • Freely configure and call up key figures

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Move by Robots | IGZ

  • Direct control of the individual vehicles
  • Finding the "best" route through real-time analysis of system statuses - SAP EWM has all the data and therefore the best basis for decision-making
  • Proactive and situation-based congestion avoidance
  • Order allocation to the most suitable vehicles (AMRs, route train, etc.) by checking criteria such as fastest route, shortest route
  • Energy-efficient order allocation by taking the current power requirements into account
Move by Robots | IGZ

  • Mobile robots controlled directly in SAP EWM / MFS (saving subsystems)
  • Future-proof thanks to manufacturer-independent AMR control
  • Retrofitting via plug-and-play
  • Number of controlled AMRs from different manufacturers can be scaled without restriction
  • Supports a wide range of loading aids (e.g. pallets, containers, etc.)
  • Supports a wide range of vehicle types (e.g. tugger trains, forklifts, etc.)
Move by Robots | IGZ

  • All required information combined in SAP EWM
  • Complete overview of all AMR fleets in one warehouse control center
  • Comprehensive and efficient control from the warehouse control center

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