Gesture-controlled picking

Fast and reliable contactless pick acknowledgement – maximum flexibility with minimal use of technology

Increasing flexibility and efficiency requirements for high-performance picking workstations are a constant challenge within logistics centers. Until now, conventional picking processes usually required the picking process to be acknowledged using a keyboard. In addition, the order picker's susceptibility to errors is also increasing, especially with special requirements such as picking from insert boxes.

Pick by Motion

IGZ Best Practice Pick by Motion is a high-performance picking technology with minimal use of technology and maximum flexibility for greater picking safety.

At the heart of Pick by Motion is a high-performance camera that monitors all of the order picker's picking processes and provides great added value, especially when picking from insert boxes. If an item is picked or placed incorrectly, employees are alerted by a visual and acoustic signal. Pick by Motion combines the picking process and SAP posting in a single movement to create a contactless picking acknowledgement.

It can be used not only at the picking workstation, but also at the tugger train, kitting or shipping, for example.


Pick by Motion | IGZ

  • Contactless pick acknowledgement by merging the picking process with the SAP posting
  • Picking reliability through camera-supported intervention control (source and target containers)
  • Intuitive conditions thanks to color-coded source and target containers and low training requirements
Pick by Motion | IGZ

  • One high-performance camera per workstation
  • No major modifications to existing workstations required
  • Flexible change of target containers at the workstation possible
Pick by Motion | IGZ

  • Personalization of dialog guidance for better ergonomics
  • Individually configurable virtual buttons
  • Dynamic loading of source and target containers possible

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