Pick-by-Motion® – gesture-supported picking

High-performance picking with SAP EWM

Increasing flexibility while ensuring fast and secure picking at high-performance picking stations – this represents an ongoing technological challenge for logistics centres.

With PICK-BY-MOTION®, IGZ now offers an extremely high-performance and flexible picking method with minimal use of technology and maximum flexibility.

With PICK-BY-MOTION® you too can achieve maximum efficiency through low investment.


  • Camera-monitored source picking and target output
  • Flexibly change target containers at WzP stations
  • Optional camera-based identification of scanning points
  • Intervention control (control via traffic lights, beeps, confirmations, etc.)
  • The hands are kept free when picking
  • Coloured indicators for source and target containers
  • Fully integrated with SAP EWM
  • Gesture-based dialogue control
    • Thumbs up = OK
    • Thumbs down = minimum quantity correction


  • Flexibility for source and destination containers
  • Ergonomic, highly efficient picking (>300 picks/h)
  • Cheaper than pick-by-light with the same speed
  • Intuitive operation thanks to graphical controls and displays
  • Fast and secure target container location via intervention controls
  • Error reduction via intervention monitoring of the source and target container
  • Low training requirements

Application example at Krones AG

  • Gesture-controlled loading of the tugger train
  • Automatic detection of weighing machines/tugger train via markers
  • Goods delivery via conveyor technology
  • Display of target container on weighing machine via hall monitor/dialogue
  • Optional: equip additional, empty destination containers via 1x scan to destination
  • Goods delivery and confirmation thumbs up = acknowledgement
  • Additional container needed: thumbs down: additional container via scann

Key Facts

  • Flexibility through lean technology (hardware / USB cabling)
  • Ergonomic, highly efficient picking
  • Intuitive operation thanks to graphic controls and displays
  • Low training and instruction effort


  • Increased flexibility via lean technology (hardware/USB cabling)
  • Dynamic loading of the source and destination locations
    (e.g. 2 large target containers in the morning – 4 small target containers in the afternoon)
  • Intervention/destination container monitoring and picking confirmation in one!
  • Automatic acknowledgement when target container intervention is possible
  • Simple user guidance based on a 3D visualisation

Customer quote

With Pick-by-Motion, we have increased our speed in loading route trains with simple technology and a low investment, while at the same time reducing error rates.

Krones AG