Work by Mobile – Mobile order processing

Working in the warehouse with SAP EWM

With Work-by-Mobile®, the IGZ best practice, graphics-capable mobile data capture devices (wearables) are integrated directly into SAP S/4HANA or SAP EWM without middleware. The advantage is that the identical SAP application can be used on different device types and wearables and adapts to the use of different display sizes (responsive design). This means that the right wearable can be selected for all different areas of use, according to the range of articles and requirements in the warehouse, and the compatible interface can be displayed automatically.

Areas of Application

With the help of Work-by-Mobile®, all relevant warehouse processes (putaways, stock removals, inventory, stock transfers, etc.) are optimally covered for working with SAP S/4HANA and SAP EWM. Work-by-Mobile® does not require any proprietary clients.

With these features, customers benefit from a wide range of configuration options as well as support for a wide variety of end devices. Preconfigured apps also make all relevant KPIs from SAP EWM visible on mobile devices.


  • Identical application on different wearables
  • Clear display of e.g. incoming goods information, quality data, door occupancy, etc.
  • Use of familiar SAP technologies (ITSmobile / UI5)
  • Combination with different devices (e.g. Mark2 scanner)


  • Use of cost-effective wearables in the warehouse (e.g. tablets) – the right one for every application
  • Wearable and UI Responsive design for optimal use of different display sizes
  • Reuse of existing dialogues possible
  • Pick-by-Vision – hands free for order picking

  • SAP UI5 with the possibility of taking photos (e.g. recording damage)
  • Application logic completely in SAP EWM
  • Availability on Android, Apple and Windows

Key Facts

  • Mobile working in the warehouse – efficient and ergonomic
  • Identical application on different device types (wearables)
  • Responsive design for optimal use of different display sizes
  • The right wearable and UI for every use