Control and monitoring of filling/packaging lines

For the Consumer Products segment, IGZ offers SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) Best Practice Fill + Pack – a solution for efficient filling and packaging processes for liquid products or bulk materials.

Overview of Functions
SAP Manufacturing - SAP MII Fill + Pack - Master Data

Permits the configuration of complex filling and packaging lines not represented within SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning) .

  • Individual configuration of individual machines and production lines
  • Flexible tool for making independent adjustments
  • Definition of order areas for order changes within a line
  • Provides support for special situations such as shared and exclusive resources
  • Automatic application of the system configuration to the line control station
SAP Manufacturing - SAP MII Fill + Pack - Control Center

Offers core visualisation functionality and a rapid overview of the production facility.

  • Line control station with real-time display of system states, as well as line and machine parameters
  • Proactive line management thanks to information at-a-glance
  • Real-world system layout with display of operating conditions, data points and key figures
  • Display and management of order data
  • Display of current fault situations
SAP Manufacturing - SAP MII Fill + Pack - Order Cockpit

Creates full transparency concerning ongoing, pending and completed orders

  • High level of order transparency to facilitate prompt intervention
  • Detailed scheduling/management by line manager or shift supervisor compatible via graphical planning boards
  • Order buffering for autonomous production even if connection to ERP goes down
  • Reduction in the costs of adhering to deadlines by enforcement of production planning
  • Simple integration with SAP PP (SAP Production Planning) and SAP APO (SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization)
SAP Manufacturing - SAP MII Fill + Pack - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Used to calculate and present key figures for effectiveness

  • Calculation of overall system availability to permit targeted interventions
  • Waterfall model for presenting performance KPIs and losses
  • Systematic reporting in shift reports for analyses
  • Support for the "Weihenstephan Standard" for machine integration
SAP Manufacturing - SAP MII Fill + Pack - Machine Data Logging

Permits direct integration with the automation layer without additional IT subsystems.

  • Direct parameterisation of the machine level
  • Reading out of machine data (e.g. quantities, times, faults, etc.) for visualisations and ERP confirmation
  • Support for common communication technologies (e.g. TCP/IP, OPC, etc.)
  • Connection to a wide range of machine types, e.g. Bizerba, Tetra Pak, …
SAP MII Fill + Pack - Factory Data Capture

Ensures the reliable and user-friendly input of plant data needing to be entered manually.

  • Manual input of order confirmations and malfunction reports for effective accounting
  • Input of quantities, times and states for multi-layered reporting within SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning)
  • Ergonomic screen navigation using radio frequency or stationary terminals
SAP MII Fill + Pack - Shop Floor Connection

Implements the direct inclusion of simple, technical production components

  • Connections to (e.g.) label printers, RFID read/write equipment, scanners and sensor technology (e.g. photoelectric barriers)
  • No other IT systems required for connectivity
  • Use of homogeneous flow logic for separate production facilities