Automatic filling and packaging processes

Increase of effectiveness of highly automatic systems through online KPIs

For the consumer products sector, IGZ provides a solution for efficient filling and packaging processes of liquid products or bulk goods with SAP MES Best Practice Fill + Pack.

Based on SAP MES, IGZ provides modular best practice solutions that make it possible to create transparent processes in automated filling and packaging throughout the plant and company within a very short implementation time.

Fill + Pack at a glace

Online key figures
Determination and display of key performance indicators (e.g. OEE, efficiency, ...) at order, shift and line level to check the effectiveness of measures.

Detailed order management
Transparency of pending, running and processed orders with graphical rescheduling function.

Control station functionality
Monitoring of the status of machines within a line and control of order progress. Identification of weak points and initiation of measures.

Machine data collection / store floor data collection
Direct online connection of the store floor for the specification of order parameters and automatic recording of process values for the order. User-friendly and easily expandable touch-screen interfaces for convenient collection of manual operating data.

Batch traceability from goods receipt through production to goods issue.


  • Optimal process integration and task distribution of the ERP and MES level
  • Uniform system support and key figures independent of system suppliers
  • Easy realization of customized extensions and adaptations
  • Based on proven and well-known SAP standard technology
  • Maintenance-friendly system landscape due to elimination of non-SAP systems and interfaces
  • High stability, scalability and performance due to homogeneous SAP solution
  • Future-proof due to release-capable SAP standard software

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