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Fully automatic, continuous and camera-controlled verification

In logistics facilities, containers travel several kilometers every day. They are used to transport goods to picking workstations and/or packing stations. In order to achieve the highest possible level of data security in the warehouse, so-called control stations are used along the conveyor technology.

Smart Quality Gate (HAWK)

The IGZ Best Practice Smart Quality Gate can be flexibly added to the conveyor system and enables the fully automatic checking of the contents of containers, shipping cartons and insert boxes. Mounted above the conveyor system, the expected items and the arrangement of the insert boxes are checked by a high-performance camera using image processing. The images are captured during the journey.

If anomalies are detected, such as incorrectly contained items, the Smart Quality Gate automatically initiates appropriate measures, such as routing to the inspection station. Thanks to cyclical image recording and storage in the control station, containers can also be checked at any time without having to remove them from storage.


Insert boxes, which are provided with a barcode for identification, can be inserted into containers as required and without posting during GR entry. As soon as the containers with insert boxes are subsequently recorded by HAWK3, it recognizes the arrangement of the insert boxes in the container and posts them in SAP EWM/MFS.

In addition, recognized barcodes of the articles in the insert boxes can be read and automatically assigned to the corresponding insert boxes so that manual entry is no longer necessary.

For each container/carton recorded by HAWK3, the photo is stored in SAP EWM/MFS for later searches. This function can be used, for example, to create proof of picking and dispatch. Customer complaints and other inquiries can be checked easily and conveniently via SAP EWM/MFS. SAP EWM/MFS is used to load the latest images for the HU and the contents can be checked in this way.

All barcodes contained in the camera image are identified and evaluated. As a result, expected items can be confirmed and unexpected barcodes and incorrect items can lead to follow-up measures. The range of applications for barcode reading is diverse: EAN, serial number, batches, etc.

When passing through, the system detects whether there are still items in the bin/box. If a container is technically empty, but there are still items or even stock in the container, this is detected and the container can be moved to the next clearing station.


Smart Quality Gate | IGZ

  • Automatic inspection of the contents of passing containers/cartons
  • Triggering of measures when errors are detected
  • Proof of dispatch for traceability in the event of complaints
  • Permanent traceability of the HU via the LVM with the help of images stored in SAP EWM/MFS
Smart Quality Gate | IGZ

  • Easy installation on existing conveyor technology and equipment possible
  • Modular design enables individual adaptations
  • Flexible container inspection options (e.g. empty container detection, fill level detection, compartment detection, etc.)
Smart Quality Gate | IGZ

  • Automatic compartment detection - no need for manual recording at the workstation
  • No manual retrieval required if container inspection is necessary
  • Ongoing verification (camera image) during full container movement (cycle time-neutral)

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