Logistics facility maintenance Preserving the value of your facility

Maintenance = value retention! We want your logistics system and your logistics facility to keep on consistently meeting agreed performance parameters long after the warranty period has expired. Maximum availability as well as the best possible and constant performance are often decisive factors when it comes to securing long-term supply and competitiveness in highly competitive markets.
IGZ is your partner over the entire life cycle of your facility.


Regular check-up

In order to prevent temporary shut-downs or even prolonged outages of your logistics facility, we recommend inspections at regular intervals (check-ups). Our specially trained service teams always have an eye on the big picture: mechanics, SAP software and control technology. We assess the actual condition of your facility on the basis of checklists that are drawn up specifically for you and matched exactly to your investment. Smaller jobs are completed and documented immediately. This ensures that you stay continuously informed about the current status of your facility. Should more far-reaching measures be necessary, such as the replacement of worn components or major repairs, we will provide you with an overview of all required spare parts and replacement measures as well as the required time frame.


Hotline with IGZ Customer Service

If the worst comes to the worst and a malfunction occurs, the IGZ Customer Service is there for you via the 24/7 Help Desk – around the clock, 365 days a year. By partnership, we also mean a long-lasting, trusting relationship that extends over the entire service life of your logistics system. Analyses and minor troubleshooting are usually possible quickly via remote access. A stored problem history also simplifies and accelerates error and cause identification. Our support staff, who are familiar with the specifics of your facility, are also well acquainted with how these can be remedied.

Individual maintenance packages

As an SAP EWM general contractor, we will support you with overall and functional responsibility during the implementation of SAP logistics projects – from SAP strategy consulting to vendor-neutral and cross-discipline logistics planning, SAP software implementation and implementation of control technology and mechanics through to commissioning and long-term customer support, all from a single source. This basis allows future preventive measures for facility operation to be coordinated at an early stage. The maintenance services agreed with our customers are divided into defined packages that are precisely tailored to the facility profile and the importance of the facility for your business success. You receive planning security and full cost transparency.

Professional maintenance services

Our trained service employees carry out continuous further development with regard to technical and safety measures. In addition to technical availability, this also addresses occupational safety.

Knowledge of current standards and legal regulations also enables targeted preventive measures to be taken in order to minimise any accident risks.

As an example, you will find an excerpt of our maintenance services (check-up) below:

  • Planning and execution of electrical maintenance
  • Planning and execution of mechanical maintenance
  • Function tests according to DIN EN 528
  • Individual scheduling of maintenance
  • Scheduling of maintenance work
  • Flexible maintenance concepts
    • Full maintenance by IGZ
    • Supervisor maintenance IGZ with customer maintenance

  • Recommendation for action regarding preventive measures
  • Explicit documentation of maintenance activities

Test contents of mechanical and electrical components

  • Preparation and follow-up of maintenance measures
  • Maintenance of conveyor technology and stacker cranes
  • Visual inspection for damage, deformation and cracks;
  • Inventory check of components in use
  • Visual and acoustic checks during manual / automatic operation
  • Function test and check runs
  • Wear condition detection
  • Lubrication of all bearings, guides and ropes
  • Adjustment of brakes, guide rollers, limit switches and lifting frames if necessary
  • Minor repairs such as replacement of carbon brushes, guide rollers, rail scrapers, ...
  • Tightening and checking screw connections
  • Documentation in a maintenance log

  • Preparation and follow-up of maintenance measures
  • Inspection of all system components during operation
  • Carrying out emergency stop tests
  • Inspection of all safety-related components
  • Electrical/electromechanical check of the conductor rail/energy chain
  • Reading out maintenance-relevant meter readings and fault logs
  • Replacing the filter mats of the control cabinet ventilation system
  • Checking scanner optics and settings as well as data light barriers (without preventive cleaning)
  • Documentation in a maintenance log

Since the scope of maintenance services is strongly dependent on the load on the facility as well as on defined maintenance time windows and intervals, please contact us directly for your individually prepared maintenance package.