Transportation planning preview

Transport simulation with real-time preview for early determination of delivery dates and freight costs

Today, your customers expect to be able to find out about expected delivery dates and the associated costs at an early stage. In addition, it is important to make optimum use of transport capacities to ensure that no unused space is wasted during transportation in order to reduce costs and protect the environment.


Transportation Forecast

The IGZ Best Practice Transportation Forecast is a simple, intuitive tool for transportation simulation in the ERP sales process. With the Transportation Forecast, you have a tool at hand to quickly display important, transportation-relevant data. All freight information such as the number of packages, weight, volume, carrier or freight costs incurred are clearly displayed. You can provide the customer with reliable information on delivery dates and freight costs. And they don't even necessarily need a sales order in their SAP system.

Based on the simulation results for transport/load space planning, the sales staff can react online and manually remove items from the sales order, change quantities or even add new items to make better use of the load space - thus achieving better utilization of transport resources, saving costs and contributing to greater sustainability.




Transportation Forecast | IGZ

  • TM-based, innovative transport simulation possible without SAP ERP document or on the basis of a sales document
  • Automatic creation or adjustment of the sales order to the results of the simulated planning
Transportation Forecast | IGZ

  • Early and reliable information on freight costs and delivery dates for customers
  • Information on all transport-relevant data possible, e.g. packages, loading meters, etc.
Transportation Forecast | IGZ

  • Planning preview/simulation of transport/load space planning via freight costs incurred
  • Flexible adjustment of order items for optimum cargo space planning

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