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Pick by Robot – robot-controlled order picking with SAP EWM


Increased quality and performance requirements in logistics continue to present challenges in order picking. Cost reduction, service level and short turnaround times are essential, driving factors here.

With PICK-BY-ROBOT, the IGZ Best Practice for SAP EWM, the advantages of automated order picking are combined with comprehensive SAP integration.

This maximizes the efficiency of your order picking and gives you 100% picking safety.

Pick-by-Robot | IGZ

Application areas

Robots are now indispensable to the German economy, and not solely due to the advent of Industry 4.0. So far, however, these mechanical helpers have been primarily used in production and have largely played a more supporting role in logistics. Yet this technology offers significant added value, especially where monotonous movements are required, such as for gripping or counting operations. The selective use of robots can also be beneficial – for example, to compensate for seasonal fluctuations or to provide tireless workers for the unpopular "night shift".

With PICK-BY-ROBOT, the articles are delivered from the warehouse to a picking workstation via automated conveyor technology. The goods are removed from the source container by a robot and placed in one or more target containers/boxes. During this process, a high-performance camera identifies the articles to be removed from the source container. Various algorithms in SAP EWM are used to calculate the optimal gripping or suction points on the articles.

The robot can be directly controlled from within SAP EWM/MFS, including all commands for positioning, picking up and delivering the articles. The robot movements are optimised for each specific article. Various built-in monitoring features ensure 100% picking safety. Optimised filling of the target containers also takes place by means of special "packing pattern" algorithms. PICK-BY-ROBOT meets all relevant safety standards and can be retrofitted to existing workstations.

Features / Advantages

  • Fully controlled from SAP EWM/MFS
  • EWM dialogues designed for both manual and robotic picking
  • Wide range of articles can be covered
  • Suitable for single-picking and multi-order
  • "24/7/365 picking" possible
  • Various tools available (gripping, suction, etc.)
  • Multiple monitoring for 100% picking safety
  • Consistently high performance in order picking
  • Optimum filling of the target container
  • High picking performance
  • Flexible maintenance and service intervals
  • High productivity


  • Innovative evaluation algorithms in SAP EWM
  • Manufacturer-agnostic robot connection (KUKA, Yaskawa, Fanuc, ...)
  • Simple and tool-free robot replacement due to mobile design
  • High-performance 3D camera
  • Use of different tools possible
  • Direct connection to SAP EWM without middleware


  • Automated single-article picking by robot
  • Retrofit existing WzP workstations
  • Flexible combination of manual and robotic picking per workstation
  • Highest picking safety due to sophisticated error handling
  • Machine learning for automatic updating of master data
Pick by Robot | IGZ

„Pick-by-Robot combines the advantages of automated picking with full SAP integration.“

Holger Häring Head of Sales, IGZ