Robot-controlled picking with SAP EWM

LUKE3 – Reliable and fatigueless (24/7)

Increased quality and performance requirements in logistics continue to present challenges in order picking. Cost reduction, service level and short throughput times are key driving factors.

IGZ – the SAP engineers, offer with PICK-BY-ROBOT® a best practice solution for SAP EWM, which ensures more efficiency. PICK-BY-ROBOT® consists of the patented LUKE3 robot, which represents a world first with its automatic tool changer, can be flexibly and retrospectively installed and relieves people of monotonous and simple picking activities.

Areas of Application

Not just since the advent of Industry 4.0, robots from the German economy have become indispensable.

So far, however, the main use of mechanical helpers has been mainly in production, while robots in logistics have been more of a supporting role.

Yet the technology offers added value in simple and monotonous movements. The use in multi-shift operation is useful, especially in the, unpopular 'night shift'. PICK-BY-ROBOT® can also be successively retrofitted to different types of workstations without costly conversions of the conveyor technology.

With PICK-BY-ROBOT®, the articles are delivered from the warehouse via automatic conveyor technology to a picking workstation. From a source container, the goods are removed by the robot LUKE3 and placed in one or more target containers / cartons. A high-performance camera recognizes the articles which are then to be removed from the source container.

Different algorithms in SAP EWM are used to calculate the optimal gripping or sucking points for the articles. With the direct control of the robot from SAP EWM / SAP MFS, all orders for recording and dispensing are optimized for specific articles.

Various built-in monitoring features ensure 100% pick security. Due to special packing pattern algorithms, an optimized filling of the target containers takes place.

PICK-BY-ROBOT® meets the relevant safety standards and can be retrofitted to existing workplaces.

Features / Benefits

  • Fully controlled from SAP EWM / MFS
  • LUKE 3 has everything on board: Mounting docking station on conveyor system and central plug for power, network, compressed air
  • Stand space of an employee sufficient, no expensive conversions of the conveyor technology
  • Different workplace types, picking heights, etc. possible
  • Large range of items coverable by various IGZ-own, optimized tools
  • Multiple control for 100% pick safety
  • Optimum filling of the target container through camera monitoring
  • Consistently high performance in order picking
  • Flexible maintenance and service intervals
  • Use as an alternative or in addition to humans
  • '24/7/365 Picking operation'


  • Automated single piece picking by picking robot
  • Retrofitting of existing WZP workstations possible
  • Large range of items through IGZ's own optimized tools
  • Highest pick safety due to sophisticated error handling
  • "Machine-Learning" for automatic master data maintenance
  • Highest pick reliability due to sophisticated error handling

Key Facts

  • Automated picking
  • Reliable and fatigueless (24/7)
  • Large range of items through IGZ's own optimized tools
  • Highest pick safety due to sophisticated error handling
  • "Machine-Learning" for automatic master data maintenance


  • Innovative evaluation algorithms in SAP EWM
  • Easy robot exchange through mobile construction
  • Integrated tool changer for increasing the product range (IGZ Rotary Gripper)
  • 3D high-performance camera
  • Direct connection to SAP EWM, without middleware


"Pick-by-Robot combines the benefits of automated picking with full SAP integration."

Holger Häring Division Manager Sales, IGZ