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Automated single-item picking with SAP EWM – reliable and fatigue-free (24/7)

In logistics, increased flexibility and performance requirements pose a challenge for order picking. Cost reduction, service levels and short throughput times are key driving factors here. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers is gnawing at companies that are urgently looking for employees in this area, e.g. for multi-shift operations including night shifts.

Robots have become an integral part of the economy, and not just since the advent of Industry 4.0, although they have so far been used primarily in production and have played a minor role in logistics. However, they offer enormous added value, especially for simple and monotonous movements.

Pick by Robot (LUKE)

The IGZ Best Practice Pick by Robot was developed for the fully automated picking of individual parts and takes over the picking activities of warehouse employees. The multi-patented picking robot is the first mobile picking robot that can be used alternately or as an alternative to the worker.

Pick by Robot can be easily retrofitted to existing workstations. There is no need to install complex robotic cells or conveyor technology superstructures. The space requirement is therefore the same as the radius of action of a human.

In practice, the robot removes goods from a source container using calculated gripping and suction points and places them in one or more target containers/cartons. Integrated high-performance cameras recognize the corresponding articles to be removed.

Special packing pattern algorithms in SAP EWM and the ability to change the orientation of the gripped item ensure optimized filling of the target containers.

Applications of the picking robot

Possibility of picking products of all kinds

Thanks to its ability to identify, pick and place a wide variety of items, LUKE is able to meet the most diverse requirements. This makes it the ideal solution for rationalizing order picking during high turnover rates and seasonal peaks in demand.

Large number of possible workplaces

LUKE can pick both at existing workstations where people are already working and at robot workstations specially designed for it. Thanks to the flexible plug & play solution, it is easy to retrofit and can take over the night shift, for example.

Pick by Robot | IGZ
Pick by Robot | IGZ
Pick by Robot | IGZ


Pick by Robot | IGZ

  • Reliable and fatigue-free (24/7)
  • Use as an alternative or in addition to humans
  • Consistently high picking performance
  • High pick rate thanks to integrated tool changer (IGZ Rotary Gripper)
  • Optimum filling of the target container thanks to sizing pattern calculation with item position correction
  • Sophisticated error handling for high picking reliability
Pick by Robot | IGZ

  • Different workstation types, picking heights etc. possible
  • Wide range of items can be picked using IGZ's own optimized gripping tools
  • "Machine learning" for recognizing new articles and automatic master data maintenance
  • Simple robot replacement thanks to mobile design - sufficient floor space for one employee
  • Relevant safety standards are met
  • Flexible maintenance and service intervals
Pick by Robot | IGZ

  • All technology and sensors included in the scope of delivery and ready for use within a few minutes
  • Retrofitting of existing WzP workstations possible
  • Direct integration in SAP EWM/MFS - control without middleware
  • Innovative evaluation algorithms in SAP EWM

Award: German Innovation Award

Robot-controlled picking solution "LUKE2"

We were honored with the German Innovation Award in Gold: Our LUKE2 robotic solution for single-item picking impressed in the ''Excellence in Business to Business'' competition class in the ''Logistics & Infrastructure'' category.

LUKE2 is the only mobile picking robot to date that can be used alternately or as an alternative to a worker. In addition, the automation solution is directly integrated into the market-leading SAP EWM/MFS software as a complete solution. The robot has all the technology and sensors on board, is connected with just one cable and is ready for use in just a few minutes.

Further information on the German Innovation Award and LUKE2 can be found here.




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