Virtual commissioning

Complete in-house testing using 1:1 mapping of mechanics, sensors, actuators and software

High system availability, maximum efficiency and technical delivery capability determine the economic benefits of automated distribution and logistics centers. In order for this to work under real conditions, various integration and system tests are required before a system is commissioned - this allows potential errors in the system to be identified at an early stage and rectified in advance. Subsequent troubleshooting, on the other hand, is time-consuming and costly and is often the cause of delayed commissioning.

Digital Twin

With the IGZ Best Practice Digital Twin, material flow control systems can be emulated and tested realistically and consistently before commissioning begins. This reduces the scope of integration and system tests required between SAP EWM and the physical intralogistics system technology on site to a minimum.

The Digital Twin technology enables realistic emulation of communication between PLC controllers and the SAP EWM material flow control system within the scope of defined conveyor and material flow processes. In addition to individual conveyor sequences, mass tests are important in order to verify defined strategies in the SAP material flow control system at an early stage before going live.


Digital Twin | IGZ

  • Scope for required integration and system tests on site is reduced to a minimum
  • Avoidance of time-consuming software tests on the real system
  • Reduction in the duration of the entire test phase
Digital Twin | IGZ

  • Early verification of planned storage strategies
  • Accompanying simulation already during conceptualization and planning
  • Possibility to simulate test cases and fault scenarios ("stress test") in advance
Digital Twin | IGZ

  • Greater transparency throughout the entire development process
  • Comparison of different programming without interfering with the real system
  • Expansion of conveyor technology functionalities possible during planning
  • Risk minimization through early training of employees in the virtual system

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