Realistic machine emulation

Fully automated emulation and test of machine integration

High system availability, maximum efficiency and technical production capability determine the economic benefits of automated production lines and centers. The aim is to test the SAP MES functions comprehensively and consistently at a very early stage in order to make binding and realistic statements about the system performance and overall functionality of automated production.

Digital Twin Shopfloor

With the IGZ Best Practice Digital Twin Shopfloor, subordinate, automated production processes can be realistically mapped as part of an implementation with SAP MES (DM/ME/MII).

The machine emulation for SAP MES thus supports a secure and even faster SAP implementation - to protect the investment - and impresses with its detailed scope and intuitive handling.


  • Realistic functional behavior of the production machines and robots
  • Consideration of all relevant physical system parameters and technical equipment performance
  • Storage of defined production machines in an expandable model library
  • Permanent expansion of the libraries and functionalities of the production machines
  • Individually configurable multi-window displays with parallel 3D and 2D representation
  • Simple and intuitive operation (appealing "look & feel")
  • Permanently definable and storable views (view points) and window layouts for individual users
  • Extension of functions in interfaces without changing the standard code (plug-ins) by IGZ
  • Customer-specific extensions of production and dialog functions without changing the standard code (scripting) by IGZ
  • Multi-language capability
  • Continuous further development of release-capable machine emulation software
  • Complete integration with production management in SAP DM / ME / MII
  • Camera tracking mode for individual production steps
  • Dynamic display of production steps
  • Mass production of objects in virtual production using attachment generators


  • Secure and fast SAP MES implementation
  • Validation of system performance and overall functionalities before GoLive
  • Maximum system availability during the ramp-up phase
  • Complete integration with SAP DM / ME / MII / PCo

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