IGZ Core Competences Economic solutions for your logistics and production

IGZ develops services for the control and optimization of processes in the areas of warehouse logistics, transport management, automation and production control, based on SAP standard software. Thus, IGZ covers all phases of SAP projects in logistics and production – from SAP / IT strategy consulting to plant and process planning, software implementation and technology integration. Our customers benefit from powerful, individual solutions and in-depth engineering know-how, which goes far beyond consulting. With a continuous development, IGZ sets innovative standards.

Learn more about our logistics and production services based on SAP standard software and get comprehensive information on the IGZ competences.

SAP Warehousing

Economic solutions for your warehouse logistics

The SAP Warehouse Modules SAP EWM and SAP MFS are used for Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control as part of modernization or new launches. The range of services provided by SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM or SAP S/4) encompasses all types of manual and automated production, warehousing and material flow technology, from the strategic SAP deployment consulting to the subsequent SAP implementation and direct SAP technology integration.



SAP Automation

Intelligence of your logistics system from a single source

In the sense of a holistic package of services beyond the SAP implementation, IGZ also offers corresponding services in the field of plant and control technology: SPS retrofit (e.g. retooling from S5 to S7 SPS controls), realization of new plants as a general contractor: automatic high bay warehouses (HBW) and small parts stores (AKL), optimizations in existing logistics and production facilities, driverless transport systems controlled by SPS: from conveyors to electric monorail conveyors or electric floor conveyors. The result: SAP and SPS mechanics from IGZ – everything from a single source!



SAP Transportation

Economic solutions for your transport

Transport management systems are increasingly indispensable in view of rising fuel prices, sustainability issues (CO² emissions) and increasingly complex supply chains. In this context, the Transport Management System SAP TM in combination with SAP EWM and the proven IGZ Best Practices enables consistently integrated, cross-module process support in the areas of transportation planning, order processing and freight cost calculation.



SAP Manufacturing

The paperless factory and Industry 4.0

On the way to Industry 4.0, the further development and increased use of MES functionalities in all manufacturing sectors is becoming more important. The well-known MES topics, such as transparency and traceability, are increasingly being supplemented by system integration and the evaluation of sensor data while at the same time providing flexibility in production. With SAP ME, SAP provides a holistic, configurable MES system for discrete manufacturing. On the other hand SAP MII is the proven solution for the process industry.



IGZ Customer Service

Higher availability for your logistics and production systems

Maximum availability of (plant) technology and SAP applications is a central requirement in the areas of warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and automation.

Many IGZ customers are now placing their SAP solutions for logistics and production in the reliable hands of our IGZ Customer Services (ICS). Our ICS provides a professional 24/7 hotline support in conjunction with high technology integration (SPS, mechanics).