Spare parts management Permanently well positioned with the right mix of spare parts

The well-known logistics principle also applies to spare parts management: If necessary, the right components must be provided in the required quantity, with the required level of quality, at the agreed costs and with all relevant information at the agreed time. If all these criteria are met, the downtime of machines and equipment in production and logistics can be reduced to a minimum.

IGZ will be happy to help you find the right mix for putting together your spare parts package.

Moderation at inventory and cost level

The big challenge in the area of spare parts management is to ensure a balance between maximum possible availability and low inventory (and storage costs). The latter represents a particular challenge in view of the complexity of primary products and the immense variety of parts that this entails.

For ‘safety reasons’, it is therefore common practice to stock large quantities of spare parts, including some that are rarely needed. This method takes up space, ties up capital and can quickly develop into a cost driver that is difficult to control. IGZ has established a structured spare parts management plant to counteract this and keep facility availability at the required level with a direct impact on overall facility efficiency. This is tailored exactly to your individual needs and your facility.

Risk classification to secure your investment

At the beginning of the IGZ Lifecycle Service, all mechanical and electrical parts that have been installed in the various machine and facility components are thoroughly examined and evaluated during a preventive risk analysis. The following classification model is used:

Risk classification for spare parts supply according to the definition of IGZ and its suppliers

Class A: Assemblies/parts with very high significance for the facility, spontaneous failure patterns and/or long delivery times
Class B: Assemblies/parts with high significance for the facility, failure patterns that develop rapidly and/or medium-term or long delivery times
Class C: Assemblies/parts with medium to high significance for the facility, failure patterns that develop slowly and/or short, medium-term and/or long delivery times
Class W: Special tool that is necessary for servicing or repair
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On the basis of this classification according to significance, probability of failure and delivery time, the determined material list is used to make and jointly define a recommendation as to which spare parts should be stocked on-site at the facility – both in qualitative and quantitative terms. As a result, in the event of a malfunction, direct access to all necessary spare parts is guaranteed in close proximity to where they are needed. In addition, you benefit from the experience of our service experts and ensure that the stocked quantities actually meet your requirements, that stocks do not exceed a reasonable level and that costs can be kept moderate and predictable.


Optimal spare parts procurement

Easy Start Package
The Easy Start Package includes free delivery of the spare parts package. An IGZ service employee is on hand for all questions, organises the delivery of the required components and assists your maintenance staff with the exchange of parts.

Your benefit

  • Tailor-made spare parts packages
  • Guaranteed parts availability
  • Lifecycle service
  • Calculable costs