Automated Rapid Validation – Test automation for SAP S/4


The IGZ Best-Practice AUTOMATED RAPID VALIDATION® for test automation for all SAP products is a highly effective test tool. With it, processes can be tested continuously, simply, securely and quickly and, above all, automatically. In this way, the quality of the software is constantly improved, while at the same time reducing costs by saving on test personnel and preparation time.

Areas of Application

With AUTOMATED RAPID VALIDATION®, IGZ provides the ideal supplement to other IGZ and SAP products, especially PLC / plant emulation.

With this, all processes including their workstations / user interfaces as well as mobile terminals (i.e. down to the worker level) are realistically mapped and can be continuously checked and tested automatically.

This saves test personnel and reduces preparation time. The innovative web interface provides detailed live information and control options for all test executions.


  • Simple start of automated test runs
  • Easy import and loading of test cases
  • Native integration into all IGZ emulation products
  • Monitoring of test progress
  • Adjustable test run frequency
  • Multi-language capability


  • Detailed overview of system utilisation
  • Multi-user system enables task sharing
  • Compatible with any IGZ, SAP and third-party products
  • Extensive expandability for automatable purposes

  • Simple and intuitive operation on all devices through modern web interface
  • Automation of all common SAP dialogues
  • Automation of any web dialogue (not SAP-bound)
  • Load distribution of tests to several end devices


ARV supervisor as central control and administration point:

  • Connection management to IGZ emulation products
  • Administration of SAP systems and user data
  • Administration and control of tests and automations
  • Assignment of connected agents with executions

ARV agent as decentralised worker:

  • Execution of assigned tasks
  • Monitors executions and transmits evaluation data
  • Coupling with IGZ emulation


Key Facts

  • Automated review of all logistics / production processes
  • Validation of system performance through mass and regression testing
  • Detailed live information about ongoing tests
  • Increase test quality and project safety
  • Web-based system for maximum accessibility