Test automation for SAP S/4

Test logistics and production processes safely, quickly and automatically

Extensive test phases are required prior to the introduction of a new system or for upcoming release upgrades. This ensures that your logistics or production projects can be implemented as expected. However, the necessary mass, regression or load tests require a lot of time and appropriately trained test personnel. In addition, tests often have to be repeated during the various test phases.

Automated Rapid Validation (ARV)

IGZ Best Practice Automated Rapid Validation (ARV) enables automated testing of logistics and production processes. The technology supports the tests with stored, automated inputs and thus significantly reduces the workload of test personnel. Automated Rapid Validation is therefore the ideal solution for continuously improving the quality of software, saving time for test procedures and enabling mass testing, which would otherwise involve a great deal of effort.

ARV's innovative web interface provides detailed live information and control options for all test executions. All processes including their workstations/user interfaces and mobile terminals are mapped (i.e. down to worker level) and can be continuously tested and checked. An ideal addition to other IGZ and SAP products, in particular the PLC/plant emulation with the Digital Twin.


Automated Rapid Validation | IGZ

  • Savings in personnel, time and costs
  • Efficient, automatic support of the test steps
  • Easy loading and starting of automated test runs
  • Web interface for maximum compatibility and intuitive operation
Automated Rapid Validation | IGZ

  • Validation of system performance through mass/regression or load tests
  • Automated checking of all logistics/production processes
  • Automation of all common SAP dialogs as well as any web dialogs (not SAP-bound)
  • Extensive expandability for automatable applications
Automated Rapid Validation | IGZ

  • High test quality and project reliability through automation
  • Real-time monitoring of test progress
  • Detailed overview of system utilization
  • Load distribution of tests across multiple end devices
  • Faster productive use under full load

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