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Logistics and production software solutions must guarantee top performance, and in many industries around the clock. The ability to deliver at any time as well as production supply/disposal is decisive for business success.

This requires SAP applications to be permanently available. Hence many companies face the following important questions after a successful SAP implementation:

  • How do we ensure maximum availability for our logistics software?
  • Do we provide support via our own IT department? Or is external support required?
  • Can we cover all necessary response times with the service or do we buy this externally?

We promise maximum availability of SAP applications together with our customers. However, in the unlikely event that a fault occurs in your system, IGZ Customer Service (ICS) is at your service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can reach your IGZ service specialist directly via our ICS hotline; they know the individual features of your implemented solution inside out and can provide you with targeted advice without further loss of time.

  • ICS Hotline – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Instant help over the phone or online access
  • Direct contact to our specialists without any "routing"
  • Troubleshooting via online tracking and/or analysis and fault elimination on site
  • Spare parts service, maintenance service, repair service

Proven and efficient service

For over 10 years, IGZ's Customer Service has supported more than 200 customers with SAP applications in logistics and production.

Using the fitness-for-service (FFS) concept, IGZ also trains our customers’ IT departments to ensure maximum availability for logistics systems and SAP systems together with IGZ's tailor-made service and support services.

Especially when it comes to highly automated systems in logistics and production, our customers demand service level agreements with professional all-round carefree service. In IGZ, our customers find a central contact partner who will develop a tailor-made service concept for their SAP logistics software and implement the service as a professional partner.

To permanently improve our service portfolio with regard to changing customer needs, we offer cyclic feedback meetings in which service cases that have already been processed are evaluated and discussed over a defined period of time and, if necessary, required measures for optimising the service concept are developed.

We would be pleased to tell you about our comprehensive IGZ services in more detail.