Our values Vision and strategy


  • are and remain an independent and owner-managed family business.
  • occupy the leading market position in our field through continuous growth.
  • offer innovative services that make our customers more independent.
  • are and remain technologically number 1 in our field.
  • promote and challenge our employees responsibly in line with our corporate objectives.
  • achieve high quality and on-time delivery through professional working methods.
  • maintain a solid, sustainable, comprehensible and continuous corporate policy.



We strengthen and protect you. We want to make full use of technical possibilities in order to achieve maximum performance with minimum use of resources in production and distribution logistics. We are committed to this clear goal. A living partnership with our customers is the central value with which we pursue our vision. We base our thoughts and actions on strong cooperation.



In order to be successful as a strong partner together with our customers in the areas of warehousing, automation, manufacturing and transportation, we rely on important characteristics that reflect our performance standards:

Innovation: with profound engineering knowledge, we realize the latest technology whose implementation supports our customers' logistics systems.

Owner-managed company: Direct decision-making channels and professional competence at all levels lead to speedy project realization. This is our brand promise.

Solidity: Numerous companies rely on our solutions. We rely on references that work reliably. This experience benefits your project.

Precision: Quality is our claim. Outstandingly trained specialists contribute to our success. They know where to pull the right lever.

Transparency: We let customers share in our methodology. We not only clearly know what we do, we also say, show and explain it. The desire for openness unites us with our customers.

Down-to-earth: We understand the importance of projects to our clients. As a healthy growing company rooted in the region, we are always able to follow our clients' progress.