general contractor Vendor-neutral planning, implementation and SAP integration

As a leading SAP project house for logistics and production, we realize demanding SAP projects with a focus on warehouse logistics(SAP EWM/LES) and production control(SAPME/MII) from manual to highly automated logistics and production processes.

As an integrated service package, IGZ also implements the associated control and plant technology as a general contractor:

  • General contractor for HRL/AKL new plants with SAP EWM
  • PLC modernizations/retrofits (e.g. S5 to S7-TIA portal)
  • Optimization of existing logistics systems

Our core competencies are manufacturer-neutral planning, realization, assembly, installation and aftercare of customized intralogistic systems based on SAP standard software.

New systems - from the high-bay warehouse to the shuttle

When planning a new building, you have the decisive advantage of completely detaching your logistics from previous structural conditions and then planning and setting it up from scratch. Such a complete redesign of a logistics centre is usually called greenfield planning.


Among other things, it is important to ensure that your new warehouse will stay efficient over the long term and that the integration of processes into SAP is fully accounted for. Power reserves should also be included and considered.

As the general contractor for your project, IGZ takes over responsibility for all the necessary disciplines such as steel construction and technical building equipment, fire protection, automation, system technology, SAP warehouse management with SAP material flow control and other ancillary services.

As a result, you get a turnkey plant comprised of new systems from a single source.

We implement your warehouse technology without any dependency on a particular technology and manufacturer, for example

  • Small parts warehouse
  • Shuttles
  • Cube storage
  • High-bay warehouse
  • Cassette storage system

  • Conveyor technology
  • Driverless transport systems
  • Tugger train
  • Robotics
  • Fully automatic order picking

Complete warehouse technology integration

You benefit from the complete warehouse technology integration with SAP EWM/MFS, as this enables you to achieve higher efficiency and productivity with your warehouse logistics.

As SAP EWM general contractor, we can ensure full coverage of warehouse technology and smooth connection to SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning) for you.

This can then look like our example, for example.

The biggest benefits of warehouse technology integration with SAP EWM/MFS: gaining higher data accuracy and more control over your warehouse activities.

Partially automated logistics structures and high-performance systems

Taking your logistical requirements into account, IGZ automates processes wherever it makes sense or creates savings.

This includes semi-automated logistics structures as well as high-performance systems for dynamic small parts and pallet storage and for order picking. We take over the implementation of the agreed delivery services and deliver them in a functionally flawless, timely and cost-effective manner.

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Warehouse Technology Expertise

Automatic small parts warehouse (ASPW)

Automatic small parts warehouses are ideal for storing small-volume goods in containers, cartons or on trays in a space-saving manner. Using intelligent replenishment strategies, they can be made available to production or for shipping.


Shuttle small parts warehouse

Shuttle SPWs are used in the high-performance sector for storing containers or cartons. Here, shuttles take over the horizontal transport on the various axes of the storage cube. Vertical transport is carried out using lifts. Shuttles can normally achieve higher system outputs.


Automated high-bay warehouse (HBW)

High-bay warehouses are used to store pallets, wire mesh boxes or special load carriers. The core elements of an automatic high-bay warehouse are racking aisles, one or more stacker cranes per aisle, running and guide rails as well as infeed and outfeed conveyor technology.


Automatic order picking

Fully automated picking of individually packaged goods makes it possible to fully automate and digitalise the storage and picking process.



  • Many years of experience as an SAP EWM general contractor
  • Manufacturer-neutral selection consulting and implementation
  • Giving you the best value for money
  • Individually tailored, efficient and future-proof automation solutions (without any dependence on a particular manufacturer and technology)
  • Engineering expertise for all phases of a project – from strategy consulting and SAP software implementation to SAP technology integration
  • Everything from a single source – one contact for cross-discipline availability and sustainability
  • Proven best practices for accelerated implementation with guaranteed success

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