Assembly-by-Motion® – Intelligent assembly control with gesture control

Full focus on the work process

Production managers are primarily interested in increasing efficiency, maximising assembly reliability and quickly training new employees. With its easy-to-use camera-supported technology, ASSEMBLY-BY-MOTION® from IGZ makes it possible to ensure process safety with maximum efficiency. In addition to the intelligent online validation of the assembly via a camera system, the gesture-supported work with ASSEMBLY-BY-MOTION® allows the employees to fully concentrate on the assembly process. The correct execution of the individual assembly steps is recognised via gesture control and posted completely automatically in the SAP MES system.

Functionality/areas of application

With ASSEMBLY-BY-MOTION®, assembly is supported by gesture control. With easy-to-understand on-screen instructions and automatic gesture recognition, the employee is guided through the assembly process with maximum reliability and efficiency.

Graphic removal instructions clearly show the worker the container the from which the respective assembly components need to be removed. (PICK-BY-LIGHT installations can be omitted). Using intelligent gesture recognition and camera validation, the system checks immediately and accurately whether the correct component has been removed from the intended container and correctly assembled.If an incorrect component is removed for assembly, this is indicated both visually and by with an audible error tone.

The next step is to intelligently check whether the component has been correctly assembled. The camera system automatically detects whether the respective assembly step has been correctly carried out at the correct assembly position and issues the corresponding instructions.

Once each assembly step has been completed, the system automatically displays the next work instruction, as one would expect in a highly efficient process, and issues the corresponding feedback online. It is no longer necessary to perform manual screen entries.

Optionally, each assembly step is automatically documented at the same time via image, which is attached to the SAP MES Standard Traceability and stored in a traceable manner.
It is always possible to freely configure and arrange virtual buttons to ensure ergonomic system confirmations of activities that cannot be recognised by gesture. ASSEMBLY-BY-MOTION® is based on SAP MES standard and can be easily retrofitted to existing workstations thanks to the flexibility of the system.


  • Highest efficiency and assembly safety thanks to intelligent camera-supported validation of component removal, assembly sequence and position
  • Elimination of complex Pick-by-Light installations
  • Intuitive work in the spirit of Industry 4.0
  • 100% transparency with hands-free confirmation of work steps via gesture control
  • Documentation and validation of all assembly processes (also with photos)
  • Flexibility thanks to freely configurable virtual buttons and assembly zones
  • Automatic forwarding of associated work instructions ensures highly efficient assembly process
  • Full flexibility is ensure with configuration and teaching via SAP routing

Key Facts

  • Gesture-supported assembly
  • Camera-supported LIVE validation
  • Can be taught and configured in SAP routing
  • Flexible configuration of virtual buttons and assembly zones
  • Automated photo documentation of the assembly steps to ensure full traceability


  • Automatic gesture-supported transaction confirmation
  • Documentation and validation of all assembly processes
  • Efficient and safe assembly thanks to camera-supported validation
  • Flexible configuration of virtual buttons