Flow + Pack® – Automated flow lines with SAP MES

Direct connection of production and packaging lines

With the SAP MII Best Practice FLOW+PACK®, IGZ provides a solution for efficient production and packaging processes in automatic linked production lines.
Based on SAP MII, IGZ provides modular Best Practice solutions that enable the creation of transparent processes in automated production and packaging within the shortest possible time of the plant and company.


Control room functionality
Control of processes and monitoring of processing progress. Paperless provision of current production-related specifications and information (recipes, setting sheets, ...).

Production-accompanying quality inspection
Timely paperless recording of cyclical quality controls with online graphical display of the quality situation.

Online key figures
Identification and presentation of performance metrics (e.g. OEE, efficiency, ...) at the order, shift, and line levels to validate the effectiveness of actions.

Machine data acquisition / production data acquisition
Direct online connection of the shop floor for the specification of production parameters and automatic recording of process values to the order. Easy-to-use and easy-to-expand touch-screen interface for convenient capture of manual operating data.

Batch traceability from goods receipt through production to goods issue.

Order fine control
Transparency of pending, current and processed orders with graphical rescheduling function.

Key Facts

  • Order fine control / campaign creation with graphical rescheduling function
  • Paperless, system-supported worker management
  • Valid manufacturing instructions / specifications
  • Audit security and batch traceability in batch and continuous processes
  • Efficiency increase through system-supported production supply
  • Reduction of error sources through quality inspection during production


  • Optimum process integration and task assignment of the MES level
  • Future-proof through release-capable SAP standard software
  • Standardize system support and key figures independent of system suppliers
  • Easy realization of customer-specific extensions
  • Based on proven and well-known SAP standard technology
  • Maintenance-friendly system landscape by eliminating non-SAP systems
  • High scalability and performance due to homogenous SAP solution