Electronic Work Instruction

Secure processes by dynamic online worker guidance

With SAP MES Best Practice Electronic Work Instruction (EWI), IGZ offers system-guided processing of SAP ERP control recipes. Employees are thus guided safely through the manufacturing process of a process order.

System guidance is based on the processing of a control recipe using process instructions and phases. The control recipe is managed centrally in SAP ERP. In addition to precisely guiding the employee through the control recipe, EWI also ensures the manufacturing process by supplying parameters to technical systems via a direct connection to SAP MES.

EWI records the process steps carried out by confirmations from the employee or by reading out process parameters from the technical systems. The manufacturing process is fully documented via feedback to SAP ERP.

Electronic Work Instruction – Functions

ERP integration
Vertical integration of the process order by means of control recipe and process messages via standardized PI-PCS interface.

Process data transfer
Direct transfer of phase-dependent default values such as times, temperatures, system settings etc. to the respective production systems.

Online worker guidance
System-supported guidance of the employee through the individual phases of a process order for a reliable production process and reduced processing times.

Paperless production
Digital display and integration of current production-related documents and media such as process and work instructions. Reduction in the amount of paper and manual writing during the manufacturing process.


Integrated QM processing
Early detection of quality deviations by recording inspection characteristics during production. This enables fast, decentralized corrective measures to reduce losses.

Integrated performance data acquisition
Fully automatic recording and feedback of order-related machine and personnel performance data to determine key figures.

Process control
Logical linking of the arrangement relationships enables optimum process control with automatic override of optional phases during individual processes.

Notes & specifications
Display of hazardous material and handling instructions dynamically from EH&S.



  • Error prevention by means of active guidance through the manufacturing process
  • Online documentation for traceability, audits, etc.
  • Continuous batch traceability
  • Direct connection of technical components for simple manufacturing processes
  • Standardized feedback and documentation structure when connecting process control systems
  • Integrated QM processing for early error detection and avoidance of qualitative deviations
  • Digital signature using RFID

Process reliability & efficiency

  • Central recipe management in SAP ERP
  • Decentralized processing of the recipe in EWI
  • Direct connection to the technical systems of a production facility
  • System management for over 50 types of control recipe
  • Easy expandability to additional recipe types
  • Digital display of hazardous substance information
  • Ergonomic dialog guidance for employees
  • Completely paperless processing and documentation

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