Dynamic tugger train with SAP EWM/ME

Dynamic tugger trains are becoming more and more important in companies today. This is also the desire of a forklift-free production, as well as more efficient supply and disposal processes.

Whether automatically or manually, with SAP EWM customers can equip their tugger train for route-optimized delivery.

With this solution, production can be supplied and disposed of precisely and sequentially with material, which in turn leads holistically to more efficient and leaner processes in the entire production supply.


  • Easy maintenance of breakpoints, capacities, routes and resources
  • Route-optimized planning of the tours, taking into account resources and call-off time
  • Supply and disposal of production via optimized data radio dialogue
  • Monitoring and control of tours and calls integrated into the warehouse management monitor
  • Each call type from ERP, MES or EWM supported
  • Support of various loading equipment (eg containers / GiBo)


  • Reduction of stocks in production
  • On-time delivery
  • Saving empty runs
  • High transport capacity
  • Fewer forklift traffic, thereby reducing accidents
  • Efficient supply / disposal processes
  • Process transparency between warehouse and production
  • Fully integrated in SAP EWM / SAP MES
  • Reduction of transport routes through route-optimized loading / routes

Key Facts

  • High supply reliability of production with even resource utilization
  • Graphical visualization of tours, routes and breakpoints
  • Dynamic and static route planning
  • Reducing empty runs
  • Fully integrated in SAP EWM/SAP MES

Master data for tour creation

  • Routs
  • Breakpoints
  • Provider points
  • Distances
  • Trains
  • Trailers
  • HU types