Sustainable Thinking and acting


We offer holistic solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Our employees are experts and convince through their professional know-how and experience. With their commitment to intelligent solutions, they create the basis for the success of our customers and thus also that of IGZ.

As a company, we are committed to these people, who are our most valuable asset. And because our employees have been with us for a long time, our customers benefit from continuity in our cooperation. Consistency contributes to fast and targeted help for customers and ensures security in project work.


Our engineering and software concepts for customers are oriented towards long-term solutions. This means that we, as SAP engineers, offer them products that directly support SAP projects in logistics and production. The profitability of these solutions is designed for the long term and is also supported at all times by our IGZ Customer Service.

In line with this approach, we align our thinking and actions with a strong partnership with our customers. We fill this relationship with technical expertise and rely on vendor independence in SAP software implementation as well as technology integration.

We strengthen the market position of our customers and protect them from inefficient intralogistics. In this way, we lay a reliable foundation for long-term partnerships that advance the development of both our customers and ourselves as IGZ.

Buildings (software barns)

A solid foundation creates the best conditions for growth and development. We are the reliable point of contact for customers looking for the ideal solution to their challenges. We also want to be home to people who drive us forward as a company with their ideas and whom we want to give room to develop and grow ideas right from the start.

With the IGZ buildings, the so-called "Softwarescheunen", we combine tradition and modernity, the tried and tested and the innovative. With them, we acknowledge the history and culture of our company's origins in the Upper Palatinate (Bavaria). And the Softwarescheunen logically embody our progress and the milestones of our entrepreneurial development.

Natural substance

Our solutions are reflected in the form of the software barns in a figurative sense: Reliable, long-lasting effectiveness and always transparent - this is precisely the approach that IGZ also follows in the planning and construction of its own spatial capacities.

To achieve this, we rely on natural substance: wood, granite and glass play a prominent role in the architectural concept of our software barns. Both in the exterior façade design and in the interior, wood embodies permanence and underscores the demand we place on lasting quality.

Anything that is oriented towards long-term values requires security and stability. In our building concept , granite embodies these values: secure retaining walls made of granite blocks strengthen the IGZ building structure. In the exterior facade as well as in rock-solid floors, granite lends robust stability. Our striving for the transparent and at any time comprehensible integration of software is reflected in the use of the building material glass : Large-scale window fronts to the outside and inside as well as glass roof elements provide brightness and create a positive atmosphere.

We pursue maximum efficiency and environmental compatibility in our heating and air-conditioning. Several heat pumps with a total of more than 100 boreholes, each driven nearly 100 meters deep into the best Upper Palatinate granite, ensure the best climatic conditions at minimum cost and maximum environmental compatibility. This is also ensured by the circulation of energy via heat exchangers. Supporting this are several ventilation systems including heat recovery.

100 %
Green electricity
Photovoltaic power
CO2 saving
320 Tons/year
100 drill holes
Heating/cooling with geothermal energy

CO₂ savings and environmental protection in projects

Our solutions actively support our customers in measuring and saving CO₂ emissions and energy consumption - true to the motto: "The best energy is the energy you don't need." Below are a few examples from our portfolio along the supply chain to illustrate the associated demand for solutions in our projects:

  • In our production solutions (production control), we are able to evaluate energy consumers such as machines or aggregates in order to determine and visualize the consumption of electricity, gas, water, etc.. Based on these evaluations, we can intelligently control the machinery, taking into account the order load, so that the machines do not always have to be run at full capacity in order to process orders on schedule.
  • Furthermore, in off-peak periods when lower loads have to be handled, operation in energy-saving mode is also sufficient.
  • The same also applies to highly automated logistics systems, in which rack vehicles also do not always have to run at full power and accelerate in order to manage the required order load. In addition, intelligent energy recovery solutions are now available to "recapture" and feed back some of the energy required.
  • Often, however, simply making energy consumption transparent (visualization) helps to ensure that operators in factories or intralogistics are aware of precious energy and avoid energy peaks.
  • In warehouse logistics, we help to ensure that forklifts and rack vehicles always make the shortest possible trips and take the shortest possible routes by means of sophisticated route optimization. The avoidance of unnecessary journeys or empty runs or avoidable storage plays is usually an underestimated factor in a holistic energy-saving concept.
  • In the preparation of ship ments, we use intelligent algorithms to help massively avoid CO₂ emissions. We ensure this, for example, by calculating the optimum combination when selecting packages and packing patterns in order to pack as little "air" as possible in cartons. Instead, the carton volume should be fully utilized and as little packaging material as possible should be consumed. The optimally packed shipping cartons or pallets then naturally also result in less cargo space being required in vans or trucks.
  • Cargo space optimization helps to accommodate pallets in the truck or in containers/trailers in the most space-saving way possible. Compaction is also useful here to avoid leaving unnecessary empty space.
  • In transport planning and execution, our solutions help find the most CO₂-efficient route and avoid unnecessary transshipments (e.g. hubs): In this way, very often more than 40% CO can be saved in national and international transports, even with lower freight costs and, of course, the same adherence to deadlines.

This is not done by magic, but simply by using intelligent SAP software and the engineering additions and rounding off by IGZ.


Do you still have questions? Then we look forward to hearing from you!