Delivery registration by driver

Simple pre-recording of vehicle and load data by truck drivers

When the trucks arrive at the plant barrier or the gatehouse, every entry and exit must be checked for safety reasons. Another beneficial aspect is the prompt and efficient recording of the following key information: Who is coming? Which vehicle? Which order with which content?

These necessary data often represent time-consuming and labor-intensive activities in companies today. Experience has shown that the porter or employee in the dispatch office has to enter into a dialog with the truck driver and manually fill in line after line in the SAP system. Language barriers and the general lack of personnel in the logistics sector are often a problem.



Smart Driver Check-In

The IGZ Best Practice Smart Driver Check-In guides the truck driver through the registration process at a terminal immediately after arriving at the plant. After selecting the respective national language, the simple, intuitive dialog guidance begins.

All the information required for loading and / or unloading is stored in the SAP system. The relationship to the adjacent business processes in logistics with SAP EWM and SAP TM is established and a continuous, visible document flow is guaranteed.

This enables all parties involved to use SAP EWM and TM to optimally control the material flow in logistics for goods arriving and/or goods to be collected. Special situations can be responded to quickly and relatively easily. In addition, this creates the basis for system-supported SAP Yard Management, which can contribute to a reduction in waiting and idle times on the factory premises.




Advantages / Benefits

  • Reduction of sources of error (language barrier)
  • Better distribution of peak times
  • Simple user interfaces
  • More efficient use of personnel
  • Paperless, consistent workflow
  • Better response options
  • No entry for unauthorized trucks
  • Seamless monitoring

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