Maximum filling level of packages / pallets

Collaborative packing assistance system saves up to 30% shipping volume

The topic of packaging planning has become increasingly important in the logistics sector in recent years. Packaging goods optimally for storage, internal material flow or shipping costs time and money. Optimized packaging is therefore a competitive advantage over competitors and can improve your own position in the market.

The following applies to package and transport planning as well as to packaging in shipping: reliable and optimal pre-calculation of the shipping units is the main objective of packaging planning so that customers can be guaranteed the smallest possible packaging and no "air" transportation.

Packing Assistant

The pick and pack method is often used in the eCommerce sector. Here, the goods are packed directly into the order package during picking. This eliminates the need for subsequent packing in shipping, which saves time and money. With this concept, the size and content of the shipping packages are already calculated during work preparation in SAP EWM or SAP TM.

With classic packing in shipping, the process can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive if there are many items to be shipped. Here too, the employee can be efficiently supported with the help of the suggestion from packaging planning. The calculated shipping units are further planned as required in a second stage, palletization planning, to provide an exact preview of the required loading space for shipping or for the implementation of system-supported or even fully automated palletization.

With the help of the SAP EWM / TM Packing Assistant, all goods intended for storage, internal material flow or dispatch can be packed, palletized and dispatched in a system-guided, optimal, cost-effective and secure manner.

By integrating a camera into the packaging process, the packages, their dimensions, position and orientation are automatically recorded. On the one hand, the master data is checked. On the other hand, the packing processes carried out on the basis of the packer's experience and expertise are taken into account for further future packing proposals. Any remaining volumes recorded are planned ad hoc for other items.


Overpacking errors can occur with standard SAP EWM / TM packaging planning after water displacement, particularly in the eCommerce sector with few items per shipping package. Despite volume reserves, the items cannot be arranged together in the shipping package due to their shape. This results in either time-consuming repacking measures or the blanket "shipping of air" by reducing the maximum volume for the calculation.



  • Different calculation heuristics (water displacement, sizing pattern, etc.)
  • Visual representation of the packing result
  • Packing simulation as load preview or loading space preview
  • Camera-supported, automated recording of packages, dimensions / position / orientation, and automated acknowledgement of packing processes
  • Consideration of influencing parameters such as the stock situation, warehouse topology, packing together prohibitions and sequencing rules
  • Consideration of article characteristics and customer or carrier-specific packaging materials and restrictions (e.g. maximum pallet height)
  • Highly effective packing algorithm, developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute, further self-learning when used in the camera-supported packing process

Example of shipping optimization

"Overpacking" with SAP Standard Packing Assistant


  • Overpacking errors despite volume reserve
  • Shape and arrangement of the goods are not taken into
  • with water displacement are not taken into account

Optimization with SAP EWM / TM Packing Assistant


  • Use of a sizing pattern algorithm
  • Optimal packing pattern and optimal use of packing materials
  • Overpacking errors are eliminated
  • Maximum utilization of the remaining volume

Award: German Innovation Award

Collaborative packing assistance system "HAWK2"

Our collaborative packing assistance system "HAWK2" was also honored with the German Innovation Award. We are proud to receive our third award, following the prizes for LUKE2 and IDA2 in previous years (see below). We were presented with the award at an award ceremony in Berlin in May 2023.

Our winner HAWK2 is a patented, retrofittable packing assistance system that is fully integrated into SAP and can be used to monitor, ideally manage and validate the packing processes of transport and storage units. It works collaboratively with the packer, uses artificial intelligence and is able to save up to 30% of transport/shipping volume.

Further information on the German Innovation Award and HAWK2 can be found here.




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