Saving on transportation and CO2

Identification of verifiable savings potential through minimization of tours
and better utilization of freight quotas

Use our standardized procedure to demonstrate potential savings (e.g. fewer tours, better use of quotas, selection of the most cost-effective carriers). We set up an SAP TM system for you in our IGZ test environment with data from your day-to-day business. The system can also be expanded as your sandbox and training system at a later stage. Work with us to identify potential annual savings of up to 15% on your freight costs.

SAP TM check-up

As part of a free SAP TM check-up (half day), IGZ will provide you with an initial assessment of relevant functional areas where we see potential savings (industry benchmarks). We agree these approaches with you.

We then summarize the approaches for you and give you a recommendation as to whether and to what extent an investment in the Transportation Saving Analysis is worthwhile for you.

With the Transportation Saving Analysis, IGZ takes up the approaches already developed in the check-up and analyzes your real data in the transport network.


Transportation Saving Analysis

With the SAP TM optimization analysis, IGZ picks up on the approaches already developed in the check-up and analyses your real data in the transport network.

We proceed as follows:

1. recording relevant actual data

  • e.g. deliveries for one month
  • e.g. road transports for D and AT

2. definition of optimization parameters

  • Master data (e.g. unloading times, transit restrictions, etc.)

3. SAP TM master data, customizing

  • Distribution of ERP master data (CIF to SAP TM) debtors and creditors via batch report

4. data preparation / transportation planning

  • Run in SAP TM system (at IGZ) with connected geo-information system

5. evaluation and preparation of results

  • Comparison of actual with SAP TM planning
  • Presentation of concrete savings


General conditions:

  • Freight turnover: ~€8 million
  • General cargo shipments within Germany
  • 3 freight forwarders (>80 % of shipments)
  • Selection of freight forwarders by zip code zones
  • Deficiency: freight costs too high
  • Consideration: 1 month


  • Savings: 3 % p. a.

General conditions:

  • Freight turnover: ~10 Mio. €
  • Only rough planning of capacities
  • Experience of long-term employees (without software)
  • Deficiency: too much or too little capacity
  • Considered capacity: sea containers (20", 40")
  • Consideration: 3 months


  • Savings: 6 % p. a.

General conditions:

  • Freight turnover: ~20 million €
  • Transportation planning with SAP SD
    and MS Excel
  • Shortage: Late detection of bottlenecks in delivery capacity
  • Own vehicle fleet (vehicle type, resource)
  • Fixed stop times (unloading points)
  • Fixed time windows (unloading times)


  • Savings: 9 % p. a.

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