Real-time track & trace in transportation

Resource utilization and comparison of planned/actual times for route optimization in real time

With real data from mobile devices, your entire supply chain gains capacity and cost transparency. Planning processes that influence the entire supply chain can be carried out much more precisely. Smooth and transparent communication between all parties along the supply chain is therefore essential - the Tour Tracking App for SAP TM helps you to achieve this.

Tour Tracking App

For modern consumers, the traceability of consignments is already a matter of course. But thanks to advancing digitalization, the associated potential and opportunities are also increasingly being exploited in the field of transport and intralogistics.

The Tour Tracking App in conjunction with SAP TM enables precisely this potential to be exploited, regardless of whether processing is carried out by the company's own fleet or by specialized service providers.

On the one hand, status reports are received, but on the other hand, it is also possible to react to this amount of data, right up to the possibilities of evaluability.

This is because the events reported back by the driver can be processed in a structured manner with SAP TM and used for reliable real-time decisions and follow-up processes. In addition, this information can be used to create seamless and meaningful reports in its system – SAP TM. In combination with SAP BI, a graphical representation is created.

Optional extensions and expansion stages can be implemented easily and clearly thanks to the open concept.


  • SAP UI5 technology
  • Availability on Android, Apple and Windows tablets
  • Use of existing hardware (smartphone, tablet) as a rule
  • Reuse of existing SAP dialogs (optional)
  • Connection technology: tachograph, telematics,
    temperature sensors, door opening sensors, ...

Advantages / benefits

  • Transparency of resource utilization in real time
  • Comparison of planned and actual times for route optimization
  • Measurement and optimization of delivery performance
  • Improved delivery reliability through increased transparency
  • Damage documentation (optional)
  • Customer satisfaction through improved information capability
  • More response options in communication with recipients
  • Minimization of error rate in communication
  • Paperless, electronic workflows
  • No master data maintenance necessary
  • Use of IoT and blockchain
  • Compliance with legal requirements (POD/confirmation of receipt)

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