Intelligent storage strategies

AI-based storage strategy with up to 30% increase in performance for automated warehouses
– retrofittable at any time

If bestsellers or fast-moving items are stored in the wrong zones and cannot be reached quickly, this leads to longer transportation routes in the warehouse. Less popular items that block the best storage locations are also not ideal. The allocation of storage locations, the assigned storage locations and the accessibility of stored products have a significant impact on transport routes and therefore also on warehouse performance.

Smart Slotting

IGZ Best Practice Smart Slotting significantly reduces storage and retrieval times in automated warehouses, as it automatically determines the ideal storage areas for the respective handling units. Smart Slotting dynamically determines the optimum zone and the ideal storage location for each putaway. The AI always uses the latest data for this. The result of this AI-supported storage strategy is consistently high performance, especially in automated warehouses.

Using a potential analysis with historical data, the effects on storage and retrieval times and overall success, or the expected increase in performance, are worked out in advance. There is particular potential for companies whose business year is subject to seasonal fluctuations or frequent changes in the product range. The technology can be used primarily in automated warehouses, but also in manual warehouses. In conjunction with the Smart Logistics Cockpit (SLC), warehouse performance can be monitored and KPIs recorded in real time.


Smart Slotting | IGZ

  • Storage through intelligent storage bin search independent of the storage type used
  • Adaptive ABC allocation of storage bins in response to seasonal trends
  • Determination of the degree of optimization through analysis of customer-specific data
  • Fast response to changes in the product range/demand
  • Experience from IGZ projects is used to train the AI algorithm
Smart Slotting | IGZ

  • Automated, continuous analysis by AI for efficient storage
  • Dynamic calculation of ABC license plates
  • High savings potential for routes of stacker cranes or shuttles
  • Validation of AI effectiveness through KPIs
Smart Slotting | IGZ

  • Can be retrofitted with simple SAP integration (cloud/on-premises)
  • "Switch" to AI solution possible at any time (can also be switched back)
  • Fail-safe, as no core process is changed (minimally invasive) e.g. fixed rules remain in place for foodstuffs

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