SAP engineering competence for your project Holistic and safe


SAP engineering expertise for your project. End-to-end and guaranteed.
IGZ – the SAP engineers – provide end-to-end coverage for SAP projects in logistics and production.
As a first step, this comprises strategic SAP/IT consulting for a SAP module deployment analysis, as well as high-level plant and process planning.

In the second step, a detailed planning phase is followed by SAP software implementation and the expert integration of process/plant control systems (of any kind) with the SAP software. Implementation is rounded off by our Service/Support: at IGZ, the core competencies for your SAP project can be found under one roof!

With our engineer's mindset and our experience, IGZ ensures that all of the various parts of the project fit perfectly together.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Johann Zrenner Executive Director, IGZ


  • Over 550 permanent employees
  • Locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • Worldwide on the road for our customers
  • Certified SAP Partner: Digital Supply Chain
  • Several patents for IGZ best practice solutions
  • Various awards – e.g. Bavaria's Best 50

Our values

We strengthen and protect you. We want to make full use of technical possibilities to achieve maximum performance with minimum use of resources in production and distribution logistics. We are committed to this clear goal.

A living partnership with our customers is the central value with which we pursue our vision. We base our thoughts and actions on strong cooperation.

In order to be successful as a strong partner together with our customers in the areas of warehousing, automation, manufacturing and transportation, we rely on important characteristics that reflect our performance standards:

  • Innovation: with profound engineering knowledge, we realize the latest technology whose implementation supports our customers' logistics systems.
  • Owner-managed company: Direct decision-making channels and professional competence at all levels lead to speedy project realization. This is our brand promise.
  • Solidity: Numerous companies rely on our solutions. We rely on references that work reliably. This experience benefits your project.
  • Precision: Quality is our claim. Outstandingly trained specialists contribute to our success. They know where to pull the right lever.
  • Transparency: We let customers share in our methodology. We not only clearly know what we do, we also say, show and explain it. The desire for openness unites us with our customers.
  • Down-to-earth: We understand the importance of projects to our clients. As a healthy growing company rooted in the region, we are always able to understand our customers' development.


  • are and remain an independent and owner-managed family business.
  • occupy the leading market position in our field through continuous growth.
  • offer innovative services that make our customers more independent.
  • are and remain technologically number one in our field.

  • promote and challenge our employees responsibly in line with our corporate life goals.
  • achieve high quality and adherence to schedules through professional working methods.
  • maintain a solid, sustainable, comprehensible and continuous corporate policy.

Company history

  • Company foundation IGZ (abbreviation for "Ingenieure Gropengießerund Zrenner") at the Falkenberg site by engineers Wolfgang Gropengießer and Johann Zrenner
  • Highly specialized engineering services for SAP customers in intralogistics
  • IGZ software barn 1.0 in Falkenberg

  • Realization of the world's first mobile data collection for warehouse logistics in SAP WM
  • Certification as SAP Special Expertise Partner Warehousing

  • Realization of the world's first material flow control system with SAP standard software
  • Certified SAP direct connection of programmable logic controllers (PLC)

  • Certification as SAP Special Expertise Partner Automation (warehouse automation)
  • New building IGZ software barn 2.0 in Falkenberg

  • Development of 3D plant emulation for virtual commissioning (SAP EWM Digital Twin)
  • First SAP EWM project (incl. SAP MFS)

  • Portfolio expanded to include SAP MES (production control)
  • First of a total of three awards as "Bavaria's Best 50" company

  • Highly automated intralogistics projects with SAP EWM/MFS
  • Approx. 120 permanent employees
  • New building IGZ software barn 3.0 in Falkenberg

  • Standard integration of SAP EWM with SAP MES
  • Development of own control technology (SPS) for automated storage and conveyor systems
  • Integration of company "Walberer Steuerungstechnik" and renaming to "IGZ Automation
  • Expansion of portfolio SAP-EWM general contractor projects
  • New construction of plant 2 at the Erbendorf site

  • Awarded "SAP Quality Award" in "GOLD" (for SAP-EWM-Project)
  • SAP EWM general contractor projects in the double-digit million range
  • SAP EWM for high-performance logistics systems (miniload, shuttle, sorter)
  • Expansion of IGZ best practices and own IGZ products (patents)

  • Development of gesture-controlled picking: "Pick-by-Motion
  • Approx. 300 permanent employees
  • New building IGZ software barn 4.0 in Falkenberg

  • Extension portfolio SAP TM (Transportation Management)
  • Development of robot-controlled picking: "Pick-by-Robot
  • Expansion of plant 2 at the Erbendorf site

  • Approx. 500 permanent employees
  • Development of "Assembly-by-Motion" worker assistance system
  • SAP-EWM general contractor major order with >35 million Euro order volume
  • German Innovation Award" for robot-controlled picking solution "LUKE2
  • German Innovation Award" for intelligent worker assistance system "IDA2
  • Expansion of SAP Manufacturing portfolio with SAP DM
  • New construction of IGZ software barn 5.0 in Falkenberg (new headquarters)

  • Approx. 550 permanent employees
  • Leading SAP partner for the Digital Supply Chain
  • >40 IGZ Best Practice solutions for SAP EWM, TM, MES, DMC
  • IGZ products and patents awarded several times
  • More than 2,000 stacker cranes and more than 1,000 shuttle vehicles controlled directly from SAP EWM
  • Expansion of sustainability strategy (Green Logistics and Green Production)

Numbers / Data / Facts

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