IGZ Corporate Blog Interesting facts from SAP Logistics and Production

Picking explained briefly

11.08.2023 SAP Warehousing

Order picking is usually the biggest efficiency factor or cost driver in intralogistics. Among other things, increasingly small orders requiring a great deal of time and resources contribute…

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AI in logistics

13.07.2023 SAP Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years and has reached another peak with the hype surrounding ChatGPT.

As early as 2021, a survey by Tata Consultancy Services and…

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SAP DMC becomes SAP DM

13.06.2023 SAP Manufacturing

You may have already noticed: SAP is officially changing the name of its cloud-based MES solution SAP DMC (short for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud) to SAP DM (SAP Digital Manufacturing). …

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Lean management in logistics

26.05.2023 SAP Warehousing

Lean management makes it possible to reduce excess inventories, minimize waiting times and errors, eliminate wasted resources, improve delivery and service quality, increase customer and…

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What is a WCS (Warehouse Control System)?

22.05.2023 SAP Warehousing

Even if a warehouse is still running smoothly today, further automation can make sense. After all, various problem areas in the warehouse can still provide an indication that automation…

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Optimize logistics processes

14.04.2023 SAP Warehousing

In most cases, the increasingly demanding expectations of customers for fast and error-free deliveries as well as constant cost pressure cause companies to optimize their logistics…

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Connecting warehouse lift systems to SAP EWM

22.03.2023 SAP Warehousing

They are considered practical storage solutions in the electronics industry, for small tool parts or even in the medical sector: storage lifts and storage lift systems. Like in a large…

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Methods for material flow optimization

03.03.2023 SAP Automation

How do I optimize my material flow in the warehouse? Am I making the best possible use of existing capacities and resources, or are there performance reserves lying idle here and there? What…

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The Central Goods Receipt

20.02.2023 SAP Warehousing

The incoming goods department has a considerable influence on costs, quality, time and flexibility. It is considered to be the interface, logistical connection or even "the face of your…

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RFID applications with SAP EWM in logistics

31.01.2023 SAP Warehousing

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is often mentioned in connection with Industry 4.0. But what exactly is RFID and for which processes is it useful in logistics centers or generally in a…

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