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Last-mile logistics: tips for increasing efficiency

19.02.2024 SAP Warehousing

The "last mile" continues to preoccupy people's minds, as it is precisely on this route, which is so important for the overall performance of the supply chain, that problems accumulate. The…

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SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

11.01.2024 SAP Warehousing

In our last blog post, we looked at the ambitious goals of "Net-Zero Supply Chain Management" and discussed solutions that support companies on their path to climate neutrality. In the next…

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Better user guidance with SAP Screen Personas

08.12.2023 SAP Warehousing

The SAP application interfaces provide a good overall overview, but can be quite confusing for users due to the large amount of information. But that's no reason to throw up your hands in…

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Net Zero for more sustainability in production

22.11.2023 SAP Warehousing

We have already provided information on how companies can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the area of transportation and logistics in our blog. But what about production? Not only…

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Multi-deep storage - when is it worthwhile?

20.10.2023 SAP Automation

When planning new construction projects or expansion measures in the field of intralogistics, the strategy of multiple-deep storage is often favored. But what exactly is behind this? For…

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Insourcing vs. outsourcing: Is there a trend reversal?

29.09.2023 SAP Warehousing

As in all other areas where the shortage of skilled workers is playing a dominant role, the logistics sector is also undergoing ever faster change: warehouse logistics and planning naturally…

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Picking explained briefly

11.08.2023 SAP Warehousing

Order picking is usually the biggest efficiency factor or cost driver in intralogistics. Among other things, increasingly small orders requiring a great deal of time and resources contribute…

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AI in logistics

13.07.2023 SAP Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years and has reached another peak with the hype surrounding ChatGPT.

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SAP DMC becomes SAP DM

13.06.2023 SAP Manufacturing

You may have already noticed: SAP is officially changing the name of its cloud-based MES solution SAP DMC (short for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud) to SAP DM (SAP Digital Manufacturing). …

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Lean management in logistics

26.05.2023 SAP Warehousing

Lean management makes it possible to reduce excess inventories, minimize waiting times and errors, eliminate wasted resources, improve delivery and service quality, increase customer and…

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