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Industrial Intelligence and Machine Learning

16.06.2022 SAP Manufacturing

Anyone who follows the media coverage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the media will have to be mentally fit.

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Economic efficiency of an MES system

18.05.2022 SAP Manufacturing

Have you also considered whether the use of an MES system in production is worthwhile for you? In fact, this question has been on the minds of many companies for years. And in the age of…
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Comparison RBG, Shuttle, AutoStore

07.04.2022 SAP Automation

You want an efficient solution for the storage of your containerized small parts? Then the question of the degree of automation usually arises. This is because the dynamics of the markets,…
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Production control with SAP DMCe

24.03.2022 SAP Manufacturing

Attentive readers of our blog may remember: In one of the last blog posts, we looked at the general features of SAP's cloud MES system, the Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC). This is SAP's…
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Tour vs. route planning

22.02.2022 SAP Transportation

Transport processes are subject to a large number of influencing factors that have to be taken into account during scheduling. It is comparatively simple when only a few trucks or vans need…
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Differences warehouse automation levels

09.02.2022 SAP Automation

For many companies, the topic of warehouse/logistics automation is high on the agenda. But all beginnings are difficult and many rack their brains over which automation level is the right…
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High performance logistics with SAP EWM/MFS

18.01.2022 SAP Warehousing

Every Wednesday at 2 p.m., IGZ invites you to a virtual project presentation as part of its successful Innovation@Work webinar series. Due to the particularly high demand, the central…
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