SAP Automation Interesting facts from SAP plant and control engineering

Multi-deep storage - when is it worthwhile?

20.10.2023 SAP Automation

When planning new construction projects or expansion measures in the field of intralogistics, the strategy of multiple-deep storage is often favored. But what exactly is behind this? For…

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AI in logistics

13.07.2023 SAP Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years and has reached another peak with the hype surrounding ChatGPT.

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Optimize logistics processes

14.04.2023 SAP Automation

In most cases, the increasingly demanding expectations of customers for fast and error-free deliveries as well as constant cost pressure cause companies to optimize their logistics…

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Methods for material flow optimization

03.03.2023 SAP Automation

How do I optimize my material flow in the warehouse? Am I making the best possible use of existing capacities and resources, or are there performance reserves lying idle here and there? What…

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Why you should not do without logistics consulting

01.09.2022 SAP Automation

In logistics, there is no shortage of situations that can be challenging. If, for example, your transport costs increase, supply chains come to a standstill or there is a shortage of skilled…
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Data Process Mining in warehouse logistics

20.07.2022 SAP Automation

Recently, data process mining has been much discussed in the logistics world. It is important to note that this is more than just a short-term fad. Behind the somewhat unwieldy sounding name…
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7 stumbling blocks in logistics planning

28.06.2022 SAP Automation

There is hardly any other subject where people overestimate as often as in construction. This also applies to warehouses and other logistics buildings. Sometimes the amount of space required…
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Comparison RBG, Shuttle, AutoStore

07.04.2022 SAP Automation

You want an efficient solution for the storage of your containerized small parts? Then the question of the degree of automation usually arises. This is because the dynamics of the markets,…
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Differences warehouse automation levels

09.02.2022 SAP Automation

For many companies, the topic of warehouse/logistics automation is high on the agenda. But all beginnings are difficult and many rack their brains over which automation level is the right…
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