SAP Manufacturing Digital production with SAP standard software

On the road to the 'smart factory', a high-performance manufacturing execution system (MES) is an essential component for manufacturing companies to increase the efficiency, flexibility and quality of their production using the latest technology . A central production control system helps to digitally map processes, collect diverse information within production and, in the next step, make data-driven decisions to drive continuous process improvement.

SAP's digital manufacturing portfolio includes standard software solutions to control, monitor and optimize manufacturing processes. It also enables the seamless integration of production processes at an operational level, with higher-level company systems such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and with all systems and machines (store floor) in your production.

The main functions of the SAP MES solution include

Plan, allocate and monitor production orders: SAP MES enables efficient resource planning, scheduling of orders and tracking of order progress.

Collecting real-time machine data, sensors and other sources in production. SAP MES monitors production progress, records key performance indicators and quality and enables continuous process improvement.

SAP MES supports the recording and tracking of quality data throughout the entire production process. It offers functions for carrying out tests, quality control and product traceability.

Thanks to the central consolidation of production data, an SAP MES solution makes it easy to trace products along the entire value chain. This allows the origin, components and processing steps of individual products to be tracked.

SAP MES collects extensive production data and enables the generation of meaningful reports and analyses. This facilitates performance monitoring, the identification of bottlenecks and optimization potential as well as data-driven decision-making.

SAP modules

To remain competitive in the long term, it has become essential for companies to design their production processes efficiently and continuously improve product quality. The leading solutions in the SAP portfolio for the manufacturing sector for digital production control are made up as follows:

SAP DM (Digital Manufacturing)

SAP DM is the cloud-based manufacturing solution that can be used across all industries and is provided by SAP as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The future-oriented MES system offers a wide range of standard functionalities that support companies in controlling all plants, workstations and machines and enable end-to-end transparency on a global level. SAP DM can also be seamlessly integrated with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP ECC, allowing relevant data (e.g. orders, bills of materials, routings, etc.) to be transferred and used in real time via standard integration.

Fast decision-making can also be promoted by analysis functions in conjunction with KPIs (key performance indicators) and machine learning (ML), as flexibly designed reports can be evaluated and monitored directly in the cloud - also in real time.


SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution)

The SAP ME MES system is an on-premise solution for the requirements of discrete manufacturing. SAP ME is a powerful manufacturing solution that enables comprehensive transparency at component and material level for both individual and global installations.

SAP ME supports and enables the error-free development and manufacture of products from the outset, detailed modeling of the manufacturing process and dynamic management and control at WIP level.

In addition, production information is continuously collected and communicated in real time throughout the entire production life cycle.



SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)

SAP MII is an on-premise solution for the requirements of the process industry and a standardized, flexible IT platform for vertical integration in production. SAP MII relies on the tightest integration with SAP ERP and thus connects production processes in process-oriented manufacturing.

As a central information hub, SAP MII extracts data from various sources (e.g. store floor systems), prepares it and offers many monitoring, controlling and management options for process optimization and increased efficiency. This makes it the central element of KPI-controlled production, which is characterized by efficiency, availability and quality. It allows you to act at an early stage instead of reacting, to leverage previously hidden productivity and quality potentials and to control these in a targeted manner.

With our own SAP MII best practices, we offer preconfigured solutions for end-to-end integrated production processes in the process industry.



Our services for you

Our range of services extends from strategic SAP MES deployment consulting to the subsequent SAP implementation, including machine integration of manual and highly automated store floor systems and 24/7 service.

Integration with SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning) and S/4 HANA is part of the solution: SAP's MES modules are the only MES systems on the market that are delivered with actual standard integration and various integration scenarios with SAP ERP and S/4 HANA. The release capability of the ERP integration is therefore guaranteed.

Benefit from our extensive experience and project references in discrete manufacturing and the process industry: we implement perfect SAP integration for our customers , thereby increasing efficiency, stability, transparency and quality and reducing ongoing operating costs.

Areas of expertise

Machine connection

With SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCO)/Production Connector, you have the option of direct machine connection, automatic recording of machine statuses and quantities as well as the recording and storage of various process data.


Production data acquisition

With SAP MES, all production work steps can be monitored seamlessly and in real time on the store floor and can also be tracked at batch size 1 level afterwards. This provides you with precise details about the progress and status of production orders at all times.


SAP MES integration scenarios

The integration of SAP MES with other SAP solutions enables the seamless exchange of relevant data between multiple systems. Information on orders, parts lists, work plans, material requirements, production data, quality data and other data is transferred. Data integration takes place via predefined and standardized end-to-end integration scenarios.


IGZ Best Practices

Assembly-by-Motion® - Intelligent assembly control with gesture control

Production managers are primarily interested in increasing efficiency, maximizing assembly safety and quickly training new employees. With ASSEMBLY-BY-MOTION®, IGZ offers the possibility of ensuring process reliability with maximum efficiency through easy-to-use camera-supported technology.

Gesture-supported work with ASSEMBLY-BY-MOTION®, as well as intelligent online validation of the assembly using a camera system, allows employees to concentrate fully on the assembly process.


Fill + Pack® - Automated filling and packaging lines with SAP MES

With SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) Best Practice Fill + Pack, IGZ provides a solution for efficient filling and packaging processes for liquid products or bulk goods for the consumer products sector.

Based on SAP MII, IGZ provides modular best practice solutions that make it possible to create plant and company-wide transparent processes in automated filling and packaging within a very short implementation time.


Flow + Pack® - Automated flow production lines with SAP MES

With SAP MII Best Practice FLOW+PACK®, IGZ provides a solution for efficient manufacturing and packaging processes in automated interlinked production lines.

Based on SAP MII, IGZ provides modular best practice solutions that make it possible to create plant and company-wide transparent processes in automated production and packaging within a very short implementation time.


Electronic Work Instruction - increasing process reliability through online worker guidance

With the Best Practice Electronic Work Instruction, IGZ offers system-guided processing of SAP ERP control recipes. Employees are thus guided safely through the manufacturing process of a process order.

The system guidance is based on the processing of a control recipe using process instructions and phases. The control recipe is managed centrally in SAP ERP. In addition to precisely guiding the employee through the control recipe, EWI also secures the manufacturing process by supplying parameters to technical systems via a direct connection to SAP MII.


Energy Optimization - Energy management and optimization

With SAP MII Energy Optimization®, IGZ provides a solution that reduces costs by deriving potential energy savings. The solution makes it possible to visualize energy consumption comprehensively online and to control it in an energy-optimized manner.

The need for efficient energy use is particularly urgent due to dwindling resources, rising and fluctuating energy costs, temporary supply failures and increasing pressure from legislators.


Weighing & Dispensing® - Weighing and dispensing in the process industry

SAP MII Best Practice WEIGHING + DISPENSING® from IGZ enables system-supported component weighing with direct connection to scales and dosing systems. The employee is guided through the entire weighing and dosing process, taking into account the optimum batch division and blending.

A wide range of sequencing and weighing options optimize workflows and support ergonomic processing for the employee, thus facilitating process validation and batch tracking.


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