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IGZ Customer Service
IGZ Customer Service on site

Maximum availability for SAP applications is a core requirement in the Warehousing, Manufacturing and Automation sectors.

Many IGZ customers now entrust their highly technical, high-availability SAP applications to the care of our reliable IGZ Customer Service team (ICS).

Our ICS offers professional 24/7 hotline support coupled with a high level of technology integration (PLC, plant systems).

The decisive advantage compared to "traditional" service providers is that fault reports are handled directly by specialists as and when they are posted without any loss of time or relevancy (without being "re-routed").
Listen, enquire, understand, implement – that is our IGZ Customer Service team's recipe for success.

Find out more about the impressive range of offered Services and get to know "your" service contact in person.

Your advantages
  • 24/7, 365 days/year
  • Direct contact to our specialists
  • Shortest-possible response times
  • Immediate help by phone or access online from our ICS Hotline
  • On-site service for rapid, professional troubleshooting and resolution on your premises
  • Documentation of all malfunction reports and resolutions
  • Online tracking of fault resolution work
  • Customer-specific training packages
  • Replacement part service
  • Maintenance service
  • Repairs service
  • Certified SAP services