"Hands free" during order picking

Latest generation of data glasses in conjunction with SAP EWM

The fact is that "hands-free" technologies have been increasingly replacing mobile data collection devices (MDC) for years - especially in the area of order picking and packaging. Instead of having to fumble around with these handhelds, all order-relevant information, such as item type, storage location and quantity, is transmitted directly to the employee on a permanently installed microdisplay. The integrated scanning functionality or optional voice recognition makes manual entry superfluous, so that the worker always has both hands free for his actual work (hands-free) while he is automatically guided step by step through the picking process.

In the picking area, the Android app installed on the smart glasses communicates continuously with SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management). Processes that were previously laborious and manual can now be handled almost intuitively, much faster and error-free thanks to eye-guided scanning functions for QR and barcodes and powerful voice recognition. Another advantage of this application is the integrated low-stock check, which helps to ensure the best possible availability of the goods that have just been picked.

Pick by Vision

Smart glasses are about to take over in many areas of intralogistics. There are good reasons for this. This is because this technology, which is based on the pick-by-vision principle, can be optimally adapted to the respective user. It is intuitive to learn and operate, enables hands-free operation and - assuming acceptance by warehouse staff - has an overall productivity-enhancing effect. The direct link to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) with IGZ offers extended application possibilities in the area of warehousing.  

With the new data glasses, it has been possible to develop glasses that act as a multifunctional device and simplify operation for warehouse employees. In the picking area (pick by vision), real-time orders are displayed directly in the user's field of vision via SAP EWM using a permanently installed microdisplay.

Via this online system, which is linked to the SAP EWM system in real time, the user always receives the current processing status of the current order and can be used for order processing in several storage areas and picking zones at any time without restriction.

Previously, handheld terminals were used for these processes, for example, which showed employees the next order scheduled for execution on the display. With this procedure, the order picker's performance was restricted by having to hold the device during keyboard input.

More safety in operation

Not only is order-related information transmitted via smart glasses, but also instructions on how to handle special, sometimes sensitive goods and safety instructions for accident prevention.

The latter also has a positive effect on forklift operation in the warehouse, for example. The smart device not only supports drivers when storing and retrieving pallets and other loading aids, but also provides warnings as soon as people or other industrial trucks cross their path. Possible defects on the vehicle are also visualized, including suggestions on how to rectify them.

Technical information

  • State-of-the-art data glasses
  • Direct connection to SAP without middleware
  • Coupling with external devices such as ring scanners
  • Location sensors
  • Support for Windows and Android operating systems
  • High-resolution camera with the option of storing images in SAP
  • High resolution and clear display of information
  • Interaction with glasses by voice, touch or scanner


  • More flexibility in the warehouse by eliminating additional devices (e.g. handheld terminals)
  • More efficient work by showing current orders on the microdisplay
  • Saves on expensive storage and production technology
  • Can be used in different departments, storage areas and picking zones
  • Reduction of unproductive time expenditure through automatic scanning of warehouse tasks and individual work steps
  • Real-time coupling with SAP EWM
  • Replaceable battery for uninterrupted work
  • Good wearing comfort due to minimal weight of the complete data glasses (approx. 40g)

Areas of application

  • Within a warehouse with high required work quality
  • Suitable for medium product ranges with medium data throughput
  • Can also be used in demanding warehouse areas without any problems
  • Good wearing comfort due to minimal weight of the data goggles (approx. 40g)

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