Machine connection Flexible machine integration with SAP MES and SAP PCo

A machine alone does not make a product. And just as the products and their production by the manufacturers are diverse, the existing plant engineering can also be of a completely different nature:

Depending on the industry and location, machine parks are made up of a wide variety of production systems, some of which are interlinked.

Be it for example

  • Milling, turning and drilling centers
  • Injection molding machines
  • Filling machines for liquids and solids
  • Packaging machines
  • Production machines for batch production
  • Painting machines
  • Cable drawing machines
  • Kilns
  • Testing and assembly workstations
  • or many more.

Machine connection for efficient data exchange

The principle of the digital factory is based on holistic networking and efficient data exchange. This results in ongoing optimization of planning and operational processes.

For SAP customers, a direct machine connection to the SAP Manufacturing Execution systems (SAP DM and SAP ME/MII) is available: This connection allows you to record the relevant production data of the individual machines in your systems. The machines are connected across all machines and technologies.

The SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo) component also enables the active exchange of process parameters, production programs or setting parameters with the machines.

You can expect the following advantages, among others:

  • Automatic recording of machine statuses and quantities
  • Acquisition and storage of various process data possible
  • Bidirectional online exchange of high-performance data directly between machines and SAP Manufacturing Execution Systems (SAP MES)

  • Replacement of middleware, intermediate MES and interfaces
  • Direct communication between SAP and systems
  • Reduce dependencies on individual machine manufacturers

Machine integration with SAP PCo

SAP PCo connects the physical production systems (control systems) of manufacturing with the business software or the MES systems: To do this, SAP PCo integrates all store floor components such as machines, carts, sensors, inspection systems and others with SAP MES or SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM).

SAP PCo comes with a comprehensive standard range of common protocol modules.

IGZ provides you with pre-configured machine connections as best practices. This saves time and has already been established in a number of reference projects. Many machine types can be used virtually "out-of-the-box".

OPC technologies such as

  • OPC Unified Architecture (UA)
  • OPC Data Access (DA)
  • OPC Historical Data Access (HDA)
  • OPC Alarms & Events (A&E)

Further protocol modules:

  • TCP/IP | RS232 | RS485
  • Websocket technologies
  • File | EUROMAP
  • OLE DB (e.g. ODBC, MS Excel and MS Access)
  • Various databases (SQL server, ODBC, JDBC etc.)
  • Analog and digital IO adapters
  • and many more.

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