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Methods for material flow optimization

03.03.2023 SAP Automation

How do I optimize my material flow in the warehouse? Am I making the best possible use of existing capacities and resources, or are there performance reserves lying idle here and there? What…

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The Central Goods Receipt

20.02.2023 SAP Warehousing

The incoming goods department has a considerable influence on costs, quality, time and flexibility. It is considered to be the interface, logistical connection or even "the face of your…

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RFID applications with SAP EWM in logistics

31.01.2023 SAP Warehousing

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is often mentioned in connection with Industry 4.0. But what exactly is RFID and for which processes is it useful in logistics centers or generally in a…

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Digital Supply Chain (DSC)

24.01.2023 SAP Warehousing

The progress of digitization is having a major impact on a wide variety of areas of life. Consumer behavior in particular is undergoing major changes. Consumers are digitally networked and…

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Automation of production planning

15.09.2022 SAP Manufacturing

Cumulative crises are currently exacerbating the volatility of global markets. But fluctuations in demand and the demand for delivery times that are as short as possible are not new, nor are…
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Why you should not do without logistics consulting

01.09.2022 SAP Automation

In logistics, there is no shortage of situations that can be challenging. If, for example, your transport costs increase, supply chains come to a standstill or there is a shortage of skilled…
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AGVs in production supply

09.08.2022 SAP Warehousing

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have been around for several decades. But the big breakthrough has been a long time coming. Numerous recent leaps in technological development and…
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Data Process Mining in warehouse logistics

20.07.2022 SAP Automation

Recently, data process mining has been much discussed in the logistics world. It is important to note that this is more than just a short-term fad. Behind the somewhat unwieldy sounding name…
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Data-driven process optimization with SAP DMCi

12.07.2022 SAP Manufacturing

In our age of digital ecosystems, data is an increasingly important resource. But in order to gain economic benefit from it for production, it is necessary for systems and platforms to be…
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7 stumbling blocks in logistics planning

28.06.2022 SAP Automation

There is hardly any other subject where people overestimate as often as in construction. This also applies to warehouses and other logistics buildings. Sometimes the amount of space required…
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