Data-driven process optimization with SAP DMi Deep Manufacturing Insights with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights

In our age of digital ecosystems, data is an increasingly important resource. But in order to gain economic benefit from it for production, it is necessary for systems and platforms to be able to communicate with each other. Information should be processed at the highest possible speed. This speed is ensured by the use of cloud services. They provide users with incredibly fast insights into potential improvements and enable them to make tactical changes at short notice.

SAP is following the trend of using the cloud approach with the SAP Digital Manufacturing. In this third part of our series of blog posts, we will focus on the DM component SAP DMi, which considerably simplifies global production performance management for its users. The "i" in the name stands for "(for) Insights" (SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights).

In the first blog post, we gave you a general overview of the SAP Digital Manufacturing(SAP DM) cloud MES system, how it works, and what it consists of. The second post in our series was about the SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution(SAP DMe) component and how it can be used to optimize manufacturing and create a smart factory. Now we'll take a closer look at the SAP DMi component.

What is the composition of SAP DM?

Overall, the SAP Digital Manufacturing is made up of two key components: 1. SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution (DMe) 2. SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi).

What is SAP DMi?

With SAP DMi, SAP considerably simplifies the management of production performance for its users: The cloud-based reporting and performance management solution has made it its business to process and evaluate relevant data from the store floor in the shortest possible time and to visualize the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Clever "predictive" functions mean that if you know about anomalies and quality deficiencies before they occur, you can prevent them - and thus ensure a smooth production process. This is what makes DMi so forward-looking.

Analysis and evaluation options

Especially in production, which is an extremely dynamic area, SAP DMi opens up numerous possibilities. For example, for the analysis and evaluation of production processes: For this purpose, SAP DMi compares performance data from globally distributed plants of a company and from diverse systems(SAP DMe, SAP ME, SAP S/4HANA as well as non-SAP systems) centrally in a flexibly configurable dashboard. In this way, key performance indicators from all geographically distributed sites and from systems of different manufacturers can be retrieved in a visualized manner.

Comparable performance levels on a global level

The resulting transparency on a global level and the ability to compare internal company data make it possible to identify inefficient processes and best practices (worldwide). For example, the performance level of manufacturers at different levels of the corporate hierarchy becomes easily comparable (e.g. between regions, plants, resources, workplaces, etc.) and the optimization of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE metrics) is achieved.

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SAP Digital Manufacturing - Process Industry Whitepaper
Production control from the cloud with SAP DMe
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In this white paper, we show you how to make the right decision for your particular application. In the context of the smart or digital factory, SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution (SAP DMe) acts as a SaaS manufacturing cloud solution that enables you to achieve significant gains in quality and efficiency. This means that visions and ideas around the topic of "Industry 4.0" are increasingly becoming a tangible reality.


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Whitepaper SAP Digital Manufacturing - Process Industry
Highlights from the SAP DMe whitepaper

  • DMe as a central hub in production
  • Resource orchestration at store floor level
  • Dynamic workforce planning with SAP DMe
  • "Digital twin" and further functionalities
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Whitepaper "SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights"
Data analysis to increase efficiency with SAP DMi
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In the second white paper on SAP Digital Manufacturing, you will learn the most important information about SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi), SAP's cloud-based performance management solution. It scores with detailed analysis of manufacturing performance (near real-time) within and between production sites on a global scale and the potential to continuously improve production processes.


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Whitepaper „SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights“
Highlights from the SAP DMi whitepaper

  • Uniform performance analysis on a global level
  • Compilation of individual dashboards and KPIs
  • Get to the root cause with Root Cause Analysis
  • Predictive functions for smooth production processes