IGZ wins German Innovation Award in Gold

On 18 May 2021, the SAP engineers at IGZ were awarded the coveted German Innovation Award in Gold in the category "Logistics & Infrastructure". The patented pick-by-robot solution "LUKE2" was thus certified as having the potential to sustainably change the market for fully automated individual parts picking. LUKE2 is the only mobile pick robot to date that can be used alternately or as an alternative to a worker. Furthermore, the automation solution is directly integrated into the market-leading software SAP EWM/MFS as a complete solution. The robot has all the technology and sensors on board, is connected with just one cable and is ready for use within a few minutes. In contrast to conventional solutions, no cost-intensive robotic cells or conveyor superstructures are required. This means that the compact order-picking robot can be easily retrofitted at any time. Its space requirement corresponds to the action radius of a human.

The prize, awarded by the renowned "Rat für Formgebung" (German Design Council), was presented virtually for a change. In Falkenberg in northern Bavaria, Johann Zrenner, IGZ co-founder and Managing Director of Innovation and Technology, and his highly qualified team of developers were delighted to be awarded first place in the category "Excellence in Business to Business - Logistics & Infrastructure": "The jury's verdict not only confirms LUKE2's innovative strength in the field of fully automated small parts picking, but also that of IGZ as a technology leader and general contractor for SAP logistics projects. For a long time now, we have been focusing on mechanically simple and retrofittable solutions that can be put into production within a very short time. In our opinion, the future belongs to them. We are therefore very pleased that the Gold Award confirms the market-changing potential of our complete mobile robotics solution LUKE2."



"This award is a great confirmation for our dedicated and consistent work in the development team and beyond on our innovative product.“

Johann Zrenner, IGZ

Retrofittable and ready to go in a few minutes

With its fully automatic tool changer and the intelligent ability to act reliably and safely outside permanently installed cells in a self-learning manner, the multi-patented mobile picking robot LUKE2 represents a world first. It can be very easily integrated into existing systems and takes over picking tasks independently, either in addition to humans or on its own - and at the same workstation as the picker himself. LUKE2 is ready for use in no time at all. It is simply pushed to the respective order-picking workstation, locked in place and connected with just one cable. A central data and power supply, sensors, suction tools, light sources and an AI-supported image processing system are integrated. In addition, a height adjustment allows the most diverse workstation topologies to be reproduced at normally manually operated goods-to-person order-picking workstations.


Autonomy, mobility and flexibility redefined

Dock, position and connect - LUKE2 is ready for operation in just three steps, requires hardly any floor space and is predestined for high-performance picking of individual parts in mail order or e-commerce fulfilment or even in work preparation in industry.


If required, it provides constant picking performance of up to 550 picks/h in almost 24/7 operation and accesses algorithms stored in the standard software SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management), which calculate the optimal gripping and suction points ad hoc. Thanks to the integrated principle of machine learning, LUKE2 is also capable of independently correcting any errors using process routines and eliminating them for the future. In the same way, LUKE2 also automatically learns how to handle new items added to the range.

With multi-shift operation becoming more and more common, the ROI is already achieved after two to three years. Investment security and scalability are guaranteed at all times thanks to the flexible structure.

Further information and technical highlights of the IGZ best practice solution Pick-by-Robot® LUKE2 for fully automated individual parts picking can be found here.



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