New construction: BMW invests 50 million euros in Spandau logistics

Munich-based BMW AG made the first cut of the spade for a new logistics centre for its motorbike production at the Berlin

site. In total, more than 100 million euros will be invested in the Berlin Spandau factory in the coming years. Already in 2012 BMW extended its factory area in Spandau through the purchase of about 40,000 square metres from a neighbouring property. The new, partly automated logistics centre will now be built there. The new logistics centre is planned to start up in 2017.


40-metre high bay warehouse

In total it will comprise an area of 35,000 square metres on two levels. A 40-metre high bay warehouse will also be constructed with 32,000 spaces. The new construction will, according to Müller, be connected directly to production with tugger trains. As a result, as BMW let it be known in a press release, up to 500 shipments within the factory with be saved daily. More than one million parts can therefore be brought to assembly daily.

Double production

Besides that, in the new logistics centre IT-supported systems should be used, which according to BMW will make the motorbike factory the most modern in the industry. By investing in Spandau, BMW wants to almost double its production volume (2014: 125,000 vehicles) in the medium term. The Berlin factory is the only full plant of the BMW Group for motorbikes, scooters and components in the world.



The SAP logistics project company IGZ from Falkenberg/Opf has been a long-term implementation partner of BMW for SAP warehouse software since 2011.

(Falkenberg, 10.2015)

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