IGZ – Professional service is more than just a "Hotline"

Logistics software must deliver top performance and, in many industries, very often around the clock. Continuous delivery readiness and a constant supply to/transfer from production are critical to business success. This requires that the deployed applications be available at all times.

After successfully completing a SAP SCE implementation, many companies therefore find themselves facing the following questions:

  • How can we ensure the maximum availability of our logistics software?
  • Can we provide support with our own IT unit – or is external support required?


With SAP projects, responsibility for project-specific settings and enhancements to the SAP software suite is typically transferred to the customer following project completion (via an in-house Competence Centre for supporting the SAP modules installed). Many SAP customers therefore avoid signing long-term maintenance and service agreements with external consultant companies, and focus instead on setting up an in-house helpdesk for their departments.

On the other hand, many customers are only too happy to hand over their high-availability plant applications to SAP integrators, since their in-house SAP Competence Centres are unable to offer round-the-clock (24/7/365) hours or a high level of systems integration.

For highly-automated logistics and production plant in particular, it is essential that the hotline doesn't simply accept service tickets via the call centre and then waste time and accuracy by playing "pass the parcel" with the ticket before it is handled by a specialist.

Instead, the success of pro-quality service is characterised by:
a) proactive measures to avoid the ticket in the first place; and/or
b) having immediate access to experienced consultants who are not only specialised in the SAP SCE modules but also have experience in the handling and analysis of technical warehousing and control components.

Not least because rapid, uncomplicated assistance must be provided for serious incidents. IGZ has met these requirements by further expanding its service provision to offer SAP customers a best-of-breed, bespoke support service (see
separate article).

We will be happy to provide you with further details of our professional SAP services for the logistics and production sectors.

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