SAP DMi Cloud-based performance management

What is SAP DMi?

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (SAP DMi) is one of the central reporting functions of SAP Digital Manufacturing. SAP DMi combines the advantages and possibilities of big data in the production environment, because the core task of SAP DMi is the management of production performance in order to support the optimization of production processes through data-driven insights.

With extensive, detailed analyses of production data, selected key figures can be visualized on the basis of any data generated in the MES in order to identify bottlenecks and cost drivers and improve processes.

What are the functions of SAP DMi?

SAP DMi uses raw data (production data) previously collected by SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution(DMe) to output analyses, data, KPIs and information on production performance in near real time. SAP DMi structures it using various manufacturing data objects (MDOs for short) and evaluates them in a targeted manner. This makes it easy to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE for short), for example, based on predefined variables that indicate the level of quality, performance and availability. The causes of OEE losses are also disclosed transparently.

The most exciting functions at a glance:

Monitor production processes in real time

SAP DMi's live monitoring functions allow machines and systems to be monitored in detail during the ongoing production process. This makes it possible to track efficiency and performance live at production level and react immediately in the event of deviations.

Analyze production data that covers longer periods of time

With the help of dashboards that display continuously updated data, you can flexibly analyze and subsequently improve production processes. Data at different levels (e.g. plant, production line, work center and resource) as well as different units can be evaluated and compared. The dashboards are provided by the underlying technology of the SAP Analytics Cloud (integrated in SAP Digital DMi). This allows the analysis functions to be configured flexibly based on the respective use case.

Deeper insights into production processes

You can track your store floor operations in real time at a detailed level and resource by resource. Overall equipment effectiveness is analyzed using advanced algorithms and can be broken down to any level of the company hierarchy (by time period, material, shift, etc.). There is also the option for multi-level drill-downs to identify the causes of defects at the most granular level possible (e.g. based on a material or work center).

What are the advantages of SAP DMi?

  • Data-driven management of production performance
  • Fast response times thanks to full real-time transparency and performance monitoring across system boundaries
  • Warning messages when critical threshold values are exceeded
  • Comprehensive analysis of production performance

  • Detailed root cause analysis for OEE losses, defects, downtimes and pattern recognition for continuous improvement
  • Flexible creation of uniform key performance indicators (own KPIs) that can be used as a global standard
  • Centralized cloud solution into which data from on-premise systems and other third-party systems can also be integrated

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Whitepaper „SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights“
Data analysis to increase efficiency with SAP DMi
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In the second white paper on SAP Digital Manufacturing, you will learn the most important information about SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi), the cloud-based performance management solution from SAP. It offers detailed analyses of manufacturing performance (almost in real time) within and between production sites on a global scale and the potential to continuously improve production processes.


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Highlights from the SAP DMi whitepaper

  • Standardized performance analysis at global level
  • Compilation of individual dashboards and KPIs
  • Getting to the bottom of the causes - with root cause analysis
  • Predictive functions for smooth production processes

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