SAP DM REO Resource orchestration at shop-floor level

What is SAP DM REO?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Resource Orchestration (SAP REO) is the planning component of SAP Digital Manufacturing. SAP REO is a cloud-based tool that is made up of two important functional areas: "Scheduling and Monitoring" and "Planning Workforce Deployment".

REO is the cloud-based tool for detailed planning and control within SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution (SAP DMe). It provides production managers and production controllers with a complete overview of the current status of production orders, employees, workstations, machines and tools.

What are the functions of SAP DM REO?

With REO, you canmonitor and schedule production orders and assign them to different resources. Operations and orders are displayed visually and can be scheduled flexibly via drag-and-drop to the desired machine or selected workstations. This also takes into account the personnel resource planning included in SAP REO, which organizes the availability, shift assignments and qualifications of the workers.

Using REO, various events in production can be monitored live and unforeseen events can be managed effectively. For example, if a machine breaks down, the affected employees and production orders can be assigned to another area. To minimize throughput times, it is also possible to split a production order and process it using two sub-orders on two different resources.

In addition to manual planning, there is also the option of using intelligent algorithms that can orchestrate processes based on both predefined functions and individual logic. Selected orders can be prioritized accordingly and a specific start date can be set, which should not be overwritten by the algorithm. Of course, humans still have the final say here too and the AI-based proposal can be adjusted manually afterwards.

What are the advantages of SAP DM REO?

  • User-friendly tool for detailed planning and control within SAP DM
  • Live monitoring of events in the production area with various response options on the store floor
  • Optimum utilization of employees, machines, workstations and tools or production aids

  • Plan employee availability and display detailed information on staff assignments, availability, qualifications and certifications
  • Manual assignment or reassignment of processes using drag-and-drop
  • Automatic scheduling of processes using selected heuristics and AI-supported algorithms

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Production control from the cloud with SAP DMe
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Highlights from the SAP DMe whitepaper

  • DMe as the central pivotal point in production
  • Resource orchestration at shop-floor level
  • Dynamic workforce scheduling with SAP DMe
  • "Digital twin" and other functionalities

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