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SAP MII/ME – SAP Manufacturing Execution Partner Certification

20/09/2010 | Falkenberg

Walldorf-based SAP Germany GmbH & Co. KG has included the SAP Logistics Project House IGZ Logistics + IT from Falkenberg (Oberpfalz, Bavaria) as a member of its Collaborative Business Initiative (CBI) for Manufacturing Execution. SAP has thereby confirmed IGZ's expertise in the SAP Manufacturing Execution applications. IGZ offers a full-service solution based on SAP Manufacturing Execution, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) plus Plant Connectivity, featuring powerful tools integrated into the SAP solution platform for the management, optimisation and increased efficiency of production systems using the SAP software suite."The participation of IGZ Logistics + IT in the Collaborative Business Initiative means we can strengthen our Manufacturing business with a dedicate

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SAP TALKMAN integration

04/05/2010 | Falkenberg

Timed to coincide with LogiMAT 2010, Vocollect, global market leader in voice solutions for mobile personnel, has just launched a certified procedure with which TALKMAN products can be equipped with a standardised interface to SAP LES SAP Logistics Executions System) and SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management). SAP Logistics integrators IGZ Logistics + IT GmbH, Special Expertise Partner for Supply Chain Execution from SAP AG, is one of a handful of partners around the world now piloting the beta of "VoiceDirect ERP for use with SAP" and thus contributing to product improvements. IGZ was chosen due to its wealth of experience with the direct integration of Vocollect Voice with SAP applications."IGZ has been interfacing Vocollect Voice with SAP for a number of years and is the expert for

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Browser-based MDC device


With SAP ITSmobile, SAP offers an advanced standard technology to integrate modern RF mobile devices directly in SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) or SAP LES (SAP Logistics Executions System) without middleware. IGZ provides tools for optimisation with its "ITSmobile Design Toolbox".Communication between SAP ITSmobile and browser-based MDC devices takes place online via HTML/Business HTML. The browser is installed directly on the device and permits the unlimited use of operator accounts from the SAP system. Thanks to full SAP RF standard functionality, a variety of configuration options are offered and a wide variety of devices are supported. In this way, SAP system owners are able to secure their investment in their SAP systems and ben

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IGZ – Professional service is more than just a "Hotline"

04/03/2010 | Falkenberg

Logistics software must deliver top performance and, in many industries, very often around the clock. Continuous delivery readiness and a constant supply to/transfer from production are critical to business success. This requires that the deployed applications be available at all times.After successfully completing a SAP SCE implementation, many companies therefore find themselves facing the following questions: How can we ensure the maximum availability of our logistics software?Can we provide support with our own IT unit – or is external support required? With SAP projects, responsibility for project-specific settings and enhancements to the SAP software suite is typically transferred to the customer following project completion (via an in-house Competence Centre for supporting the SAP

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