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SAP DMC becomes SAP DM

13.06.2023 SAP Manufacturing

You may have already noticed: SAP is officially changing the name of its cloud-based MES solution SAP DMC (short for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud) to SAP DM (SAP Digital Manufacturing). …

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Automation of production planning

15.09.2022 SAP Manufacturing

Cumulative crises are currently exacerbating the volatility of global markets. But fluctuations in demand and the demand for delivery times that are as short as possible are not new, nor are…
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Data-driven process optimization with SAP DMCi

12.07.2022 SAP Manufacturing

In our age of digital ecosystems, data is an increasingly important resource. But in order to gain economic benefit from it for production, it is necessary for systems and platforms to be…
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Production control with SAP DMCe

24.03.2022 SAP Manufacturing

Attentive readers of our blog may remember: In one of the last blog posts, we looked at the general features of SAP's cloud MES system, the Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC). This is SAP's…
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