Mobile data acquisition with SAP ITSmobile

With SAP ITSmobile, SAP offers an advanced standard technology to integrate modern RF mobile devices directly in SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) or SAP LES (SAP Logistics Executions System) without middleware. IGZ provides tools for optimisation with its "ITSmobile Design Toolbox".

Communication between SAP ITSmobile and browser-based MDC devices takes place online via HTML/Business HTML. The browser is installed directly on the device and permits the unlimited use of operator accounts from the SAP system. Thanks to full SAP RF standard functionality, a variety of configuration options are offered and a wide variety of devices are supported. In this way, SAP system owners are able to secure their investment in their SAP systems and benefit from a flexible choice of hardware partners.

In order to reach the desired result more quickly and efficiently in the specification and development of RF screens, IGZ offers HTML templates that are both user-friendly and database-enabled. These can be adapted intuitively using an ITS Mobile Design Toolbox – featuring drag-and-drop element positioning – and require only minor adjustments (if any) to be made. If necessary, adjustments can be made efficiently and conveniently at a central location using an editor application. Any adjustments made remain unchanged even when the template is updated. The HTML templates optimised by IGZ offer a 1:1 reproduction of the SAP Standard Dynpro Layout. Thanks to the optimised HTML code, the response time of SAP ITSmobile is also greatly improved. This in turn results in higher availability and contributes to an increase in performance. Additional information and documentation on the "ITSmobile Design Toolbox" is available upon request by contacting or your IGZ contact.

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