SAP Automation The intelligence of your logistics system from a single source

As a SAP EWM general contractor, we also implement the associated control and system technology from a single source for a holistic service package. Our core competence lies in the manufacturer-neutral planning, realization, assembly, installation and follow-up of tailor-made, intralogistic systems based on SAP standard software:

  • PLC retrofit changeovers (e.g. converting an S5 to S7 controls)
  • Management of new systems as a general contractor: high-bay warehouse system (HBW) or Small part AS/RS
  • Optimisation work in existing logistics/production facilities
  • Automated SPS-run Guided Vehicle systems (AGVs): conveyor systems, monorail overhead conveyors (MOCs) and in-floor conveyor systems (IFCs)

 The end result: SAP and PLC plant systems from IGZ – Your one-stop provider!

Benefits for SAP customers:

  • Elimination of redundant architecture
  • Removal of the need for inventory synchronisation and interfaces
  • Single-system (SAP) optimisation of warehouse management and material flow control

Our customers' primary objective is tighter SAP integration and the increase in efficiency, stability, transparency and quality that this brings, as well as reductions in ongoing operating costs. Picking solution run by SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) and SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) thereby create best preconditions.

SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System)

SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) is an integrated segment within SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management). The management of material flows in automated storage retrieval systems is the primary area for SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) deployment. Other application scenarios include complex, automated logistics centres for production and distribution.