s.Oliver: With SAP, EWM is achieving the highest level of throughput in textile distribution

As one of the most successful fashion and lifestyle companies in Europe, s.Oliver is represented in its own shops on more than 7,500 m² of retail space. s.Oliver stores and processes approximately 90 million items a year at nine logistics sites (four logistics centres operated by service providers).
The optimal warehouse management solution for this is the standard software SAP EWM - to represent efficient and even more efficient logistics processes on the proven SAP SCM platform. s.Oliver draws on the advantages of a holistic SAP system integration in order to efficiently meet the existing requirements of customers and stores.
s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG is a “Global Fashion & Lifestyle” company with over 7,200 employees worldwide. The brands comma, s.Oliver, s.Oliver Premium, s.Oliver Denim, TRIANGLE and LIEBESKIND fall under the umbrella of the s.Oliver Group. 100% of the company is owned by Bernd Freier.
s.Oliver carries a variety of product lines, such as accessory and lifestyle products, and it launches 12 collections (seasons) a year for each line (for almost every segment). In 2014, s.Oliver’s revenue totalled EUR 1.35 billion. 75% of the revenue for 2014 was domestic.
At the warehouses in Rottendorf, Würzburg-Heuchelhof (as well as other third-party warehouses), Freier Group Logistics GmbH stores, packages and distributes textiles, perfume, shoes and licensed products such as Luggage Home Accessories for B2B and B2C processing.
The s.Oliver Group is currently implementing SAP ERP RETAIL with the branch add-on FMS (Fashion Management Solution). The existing ERP (TOBAS) will be replaced in stages (divisional). In parallel to this, SAP EWM will be established to replace TOBAS for the logistical processes. In this context, the customer warehouse (including processes, goods receipt, outgoing goods, stock transfers, plant transport and inventory, etc.) was converted in 2013 to SAP EWM (7.02) and linked to the existing NON SAP ERP system (TOBAS).
In 2014, a release change to SAP EWM 9.0 was implemented and SAP EWM was introduced at 2 NOOS (Never Out Of Stock) locations. At the turn of the year 2015/2016, the locations with the highest pre-order throughput were implemented in SAP EWM.
SAP ERP is now being integrated following a successful release change to 9.3 in 2016. As soon as SAP ERP is introduced in the above-mentioned areas, this will be linked to SAP EWM using standard system integration scenarios. The Hof and Münchberg locations that are operated by logistics service providers are also working in the s.Oliver IT System SAP EWM from 2016 onwards.

The concrete benefit for our client s.Oliver:

  • Replacement of individual applications using SAP EWM standard processes
  • Optimal inventory and process transparency across all divisions
  • Avoidance of interfaces and related expenses
  • Cost synergies in the data centre through SAP standard support
  • Own work in implementation, support and further development by s.Oliver possible
  • Transport cost reduction
  • Reduced access times in the warehouse by means of intelligent storage and replenishment control
  • Reduction in training times
  • IT-based task division

Werner Hortig, Managing Director of the Freier Group has the following to say about the project: “The main logistical areas such as customer warehouse, NOOS and pre-order in Rottendorf and Heuchelhof were converted to SAP EWM. I am very pleased that, together with IGZ, we were able to cope with these system changes so well.”

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